How to just make a wooden sunlounge

It’s always nice to lie on the sun. Especially when tired of working in the garden. I want to lie in a sun lounger, pulling out tired legs. Not everyone has this opportunity. We need to fix the situation and make a deckchair with your hands.

A few wide boards will be needed. The boards are suitable with a width of 150-200 mm and a thickness of 25-35 mm. You can take not even a trimmed board. There will only be more work with her than with a trimmed board.

You can’t

create a body-friendly bend from one board. So you can take two boards and sew them at an angle to each other. By drawing a wave for a sun lounger on the planes, you can change the angle at which the boards are in contact.

Evaluating on the eye the drawn wave, it can be drunk with an electric lobzic. The second side must be made in a mirror version. If the board was profiled in advance, the parts can be attached to screws. Non-stringed boards can be driven away on a raysmus, treated with a fougane or simply burned with a gas burner.

What is good working wood with fire is simplicity and accessibility. After firing and machining the board with a brush, it becomes not only smooth to the touch, but also acquires a pleasant color.

When the two halves of the foundations of the future sun lounger are ready, they can be joined together. For this will suit bars, reiki, boards. As the width of a deckchair for one person, you can take 60-70 cm. That’s enough.

After assembling the frame, it should be installed on the ground and tested for stability. If the frame is easy to tilt and the back deflects towards the ground, emphasis should be placed.

If the bending of the sun lounger suits you, you can proceed with its plating. Use wooden fascia 50*25 mm. You can take wider, but the appearance spoils, and the wave turns out not smooth enough. Using reiki already 5 centimeters will result in overspending screws.

The thickness of the rails can be taken as the distance between the rails. In order to avoid bursting the screws, they should be drilled with a drill.

The sun lounger is ready. You can lie down on it and evaluate the bend already on the back. Since the sun lounger is made of two halves, you can adjust the back slightly.

If you are satisfied with the result, then the construction should be brought to mind. Reiki should be polished well. All corners are desirable to process and round. For this purpose you can use an electric grinder or a Bulgarian.

A gas burner can be used to give the sun lounger a pleasant appearance. The product will be beautiful and unique. If you like colors under wood, you can use various moricks. If you take the remedy with the addition of wax, it will not only paint the sun lounger, but also buy the pores of the tree. By cutting off the moisture access to the fabric of the tree, you will prevent it from swelling.

When the first deck chair is ready, it is possible to proceed to manufacture the second one. And you’ll need it. If not for a spouse, then for a neighbor.

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