How to insulate wooden windows in an apartment

Method first

This way of insulating windows, like insulation with paper, was used by our grandfathers. It suits people who can’t replace windows with plastic glazing and buy good insulation. In this case, the newspaper should be twisted, moistened and shut with it all the slits that are between the frame and the wall, as well as the elements of the window frame. Of course, such insulation is not very aesthetic, but you can hide the newspaper by gluing white strips of paper or special construction scotch on top. When spring comes, this insulation can just be removed, but the paper will tear off the paint, and the windows will have to be painted. Maybe it’s better not to spend money on paint, but just to take advantage of quality insulation?

Method Two

In this variant, slits are plugged with linen ropes, pieces of cotton wool, strips of foam, pieces of paraffin. You need to measure the width of the window well, study the details that should be insulated, prepare the window tape and soap solution, which need to grease the inside of the tape. In spring, the ribbon can be removed, and the appearance of the window frame will not suffer.

Method third

Insulate windows can be used by means of foam, polyvinyl chloride, rubber gaskets, which are inserted into window sashes. To do this, it is necessary to remove the sashes, cut the perimeter of the groove, put the insulation in it, install the anti-dust seal and smear the place in which the wall and frame connect with the sealant.

The rubber seal is the most qualitative and durable. He will save you from any frost.

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