How to insulate a balcony or loggia with your hands

Here came hands to the ennoblement of the balcony. After all, now this once technical room can be turned into a quite cozy room for recreation or even a small working office. For example, to work on a remote location.

The main task when changing the balcony or loggia is qualitative insulation of walls and partitions. Do not forget about the insulation of the floor and ceiling. Otherwise, winter heating will have to split.

Work on floor insulation should start with quality waterproofing. Ruberoid should be used as material. It should cover not only the floor itself, but also the bottom of the walls. The joints between ruberoid sheets should be well adhesive with heated mastic or special ribbons with adhesive base.

Floor to ceiling height usually allows you not to try to save on the thickness of insulation. Therefore, if on the floor you put foam up to 10 cm, and on the ceiling 5-10 cm, you won’t lose much. The main thing is to lather all qualitatively with mounting foam to exclude possible subsuction of air.

When insulating the exterior wall of the balcony, you should focus on the width of the balcony. Too thick a layer of insulation will “eat” the interior space. Therefore, materials with the lowest thermal conductivity should be used. For example, Styrofoam. It is similar to foam but has a denser structure.

The thickness of insulation depends on the region of residence. In harsh climates it may be that 10 cm will not be enough.

 To save heat inside the balcony will also help such material as foam or isolone. These are insulates based on foamed polyethylene and have a foil surface. It serves as a function of reflection of heat rays. These materials alone are not insulation, but if properly installed (foil to the inside of the room), the foam will reflect the heat back. In installation these materials are very simple, as they are sold in meters or in rolls of different lengths. It is fastened with a stapler and the seams are glued with metallized scotch.

It is worth remembering that the heat on the balcony in winter will depend on qualitatively carried out work at the stage of draft work. All possible places of external air intake must be liquidated.

Fantasy can be included as a finishing finish. It can be any moisture-resistant material. Wooden wagon can be used. With high-quality installation and painting or varnishing it will create a kind of cottage or rustic motif.

If you choose laminate walls, the room can be turned into a makeshift office. Different colors of laminate will allow you to visually divide the balcony into different areas. For example, a recreation area and a work area.

Whatever you choose as wall material, take care of the curtains or blinds on the windows. Otherwise after a certain time you will get unbeautiful faded from the sun spots.

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