How to install the water meter self

You will need
  • – Shut-off valves;
  • – rough cleaning filter
  • – water metering device
  • – check valve
  • – Spanner;
  • – scissors on MP pipe;
  • – calibrator;
  • – Bulgarian.

First of all you need to assemble the counter itself. To do this, in a single unit with the nozzle nuts, which come complete with the water metering device, connect the coarse water purification filter with the check valve. Its installation is a kind of reeling protection.


To the filter of the nut screw on the side where the edge of the arrow is located, and to the check valve on the side of its tail. Use of packs, tape, or other windings at this stage is not acceptable. Nautical nuts, they are also called Americans, must seal with the help of rubber or paranite pads, which need to be selected strictly in size.


Taking into account the direction of all arrows, by means of nut nuts and rubber seals, attach the filter and check valve to the appliance. At this stage, you need to make sure that the arrows on the counter are pointing in the desired direction. Otherwise, the device will not work correctly. The arrow must be placed in the direction of the cut-off crane, which is installed on the water riser.


The difficulty of mounting a meter into a water system depends on which pipes were used in its device. Make the heaviest in metal pipes. It’s quite another matter if the water mains are assembled from metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes. They can be cut even with a regular kitchen knife.


Cut the pipe and attach a fully assembled meter to the cut-off water tap. All connections must be made using a pack or FUM tape.


After the water metering device is heavily screwed to the tap, measure the location of the response thread and cut the excess pipe. In this place it will be necessary to install a fitting of the plastic system.


Now disconnect from the instrument the water meter check valve with the nut and with the help of the pack attach it to the thread that has just been made, then restore the American to the counter, open the faucet and check all available threaded connections. In the absence of leaks, the water meter can be put into operation.

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