How to grow tomatoes on a balcony

Home garden

 No cottage or on the yard winter – no trouble. Mini vegetable garden can be arranged right on the windowsill. Compact tomato bush will not only delight fresh tomatoes all year round, but also will become the main decoration of the apartment. It all starts with a selection of seeds. It is better to give preference to low-brew species.

Proven varieties:

  • Pinocchio,
  • Oak,
  • Baby Scarlet,
  • Balcony Wonder,
  • Red Exuberance,
  • Bonsai,
  • Button.

They form small bushes, profusely fruiting. The best time to sow balcony tomatoes late March is early April. It is better to choose small varieties of tomatoes. Large tomatoes ripen long and require a lot of nutrition.

Sprouting and planting

For the tomatoes to come up quickly, you should sprout the seeds in advance. First you need to place them for 10 minutes in a pale pink manganese solution. After that, gauze folded into multiple layers, or cotton sponge will be required. The material is thoroughly wetted with water. Seeds are laid out on it. They are important to create a wet environment. In a few days, sprouts will appear. Now seeds can be planted in the soil.

Seedling tomatoes is convenient to grow in plastic cups or containers. Making water holes is not necessary. The tanks are filled with universal soil pretreated with boiling water. In the ground you need to make a hole, no deeper than 2 cm. We put the grain in there, we put it to sleep. The glass is covered with polyethylene film.

In 3-5 days there will be shoots. From now on, tomatoes will need a lot of light, including artificial ones. Watering is carried out as the soil dries. Pouring tomatoes should not. The roots will start to rot.

After the emergence of 3-5 leaves, tomatoes will need to be transplanted into a pot, with a volume of about 4-5 liters.


earth from the roots of seedlings do not shake, we move the plant to a new place with a lump of soil. It is important not to forget to pinch the tip from the spine.

Seedling care In the

first month of the seedling life, the tomato requires more frequent watering, after 1-2 days. It is important to take into account soil condition. After another month, the plants are watered more profusely, but more rarely — 2-3 times a week.

Tomato Seedling loves light. Prefers window sills and balconies facing south or southeast. Despite this, it is possible to achieve a healthy harvest on the north window. If the apartment is dark, the plant will need to be illuminated. Any phytolamp will be suitable for this.


room where tomatoes are grown must be ventilated daily. Vegetable crops love fresh air.

To make tomatoes good fruit, 2 times a month it is recommended to feed them. Better stop your choice on organic fertilizer. Chemicals will saturate fruit with nitrates harmful to the body.

Seedling tomato and adult plants love manure and ash bred in water. These feeding contribute to the formation of bonding, healthy growth and quality ripening of the fruit.

For the

plant to be strong and the crop to be large, it is important to carry out step-drinking. From the axils of the main leaves grow stepchildren, taking away many nutrients, which are important for the formation of bindings, the formation of fruits. The stepchildren need to be removed as soon as they become 1-2 cm. Only one stepson is left below the first inflorescence of the brush.

Tomatoes do not require assistance in pollination, it is enough to shake brushes with flowers weekly. A cotton wand should be used only if the flowering dries and circuits, and the fruit is not tied.

Attention! Bushes are important to protect against aggressive sun. Rays can burn leaves, cause irreparable harm to a young plant.

With competent care in 3-4 months on the windowsill or balcony will be bushed beautiful plants studded with red fruits .

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