How to grow strawberries from seeds

Selection and preparation of strawberry seeds for planting On

the counters in shops sell a large variety of strawberry seeds (popularly called strawberries) different varieties, including white and yellow. The cost of the bag is inexpensive, so you can plant several varieties at once and choose the most suitable for yourself.

To collect garden strawberry seeds with your hands, you need to work hard. Choose the ripe berry of the right variety you like, but it is better not to collect seeds from the berries of F1 hybrids, because they are low probability of getting offspring with similar characteristics.

With the ripe berries gently cut the top layer with the seeds and dry it in the shade. Once it has dried, select the seeds. They are ready to fit immediately, for storage put them in a paper bag.

Planting strawberry seeds

Take a seedling container with low sides. Pour a universal seedling soil into it. Seal it and moisturize it. Make small furrows.

Strawberries can be planted 2 times a year: in winter and in summer. The timing of the winter boarding period is from February to March. Summer — in June.

Plant seeds of 1 every 2cm in them. Because they are very small, do it with tweezers or wooden toothpick dipped in water. Sleep the furrows lightly with soil. Cover the drawer with polyethylene film.

For better germination, strawberry seeds need to stratify, that is, to create conditions like they were in winter under snow. Put the container with fits in the fridge on the bottom shelf for about 5 days. Remove the film daily and wipe the resulting condensate from its reverse surface. Then transfer the boxes to a warm sunny place and the seeds will soon sprout.

During the summer period, plant the seeds in drawers and dig them in the garden. By August, the seedlings will grow and they can be planted permanently.

You will get the first harvest only for next year.

Care for seedlings

Water the strawberries as the topsoil dries out very carefully. As long as the seedlings are very small and unreinforced, do it with the help of a pulverizer.

After 2-3 true leaflets appear, pick them in separate cups of one plant in each or in a drawer 6-8 cm apart. When transplanted, pinch the spines. Water them very carefully.

2 months after planting, seedling can begin to harden. Take it out in the daytime to the garden or put it on the balcony. At the end of May, strawberry seedlings can already be planted and grown permanently. Strawberry planted with seeds grows strong, it is less prone to disease.

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