How to grow iceberg lettuce;

You’ll need
  • – nitrogen fertilizers;
  • – peat pots;
  • – Iceberg lettuce seeds.

To grow lettuce, warm sandy loams with high humus content and good structure should be selected. Optimal predecessors are potatoes, cabbage, leeks, cereals and celery. The iceberg responds poorly to excessively acidic soils, the optimal acidity level should be 6-7 units. The plant prefers to grow at temperatures no higher than 30°C during the day If the night temperature exceeds 18°C, then the formation of cochan is difficult.


For sowing, use draped seeds, they are quite convenient to use and have a high ability to germinate. Sow seeds into peat pots. The temperature for seedling should be 16-18°C, not higher. After two or three days, cultivation should be made at a temperature of 15-25°C.


When planting lettuce early it is very important to harden the plants. Arrange seedling in peat pots on the plot for adaptation, start planting in three days. Implement fertilizer in the form of nitrogen (8 grams of nitrogen per 1 square meter) in the soil before this. The soil must be prepared accordingly. The iceberg is planted in a 40×40 or 30×40 centimeter pattern. Do not extract the seedling from the peat pot, it is enough to make the hole and deepen it.


Sooner planted salad must be covered with perforated film or agrifiber. After a couple of weeks, take the film off. Monitor the temperature under the cover material, if it exceeds 25°C, it is necessary to remove the film. Remove shelter material in windless and cloudy weather, so you can protect plants from sunburn.



first dose of nitrogen fertilizer you have already entered the soil before planting, the second feeding should be done by the time of formation of the cochan. Three weeks after planting, conduct loosening of the soil to remove the soil crust, good entry to the roots of the air. Provide the salad with a timely and even water supply. When the cog begins to form, watering can be reduced so as not to trigger the occurrence of rot. In scorching heat, it is recommended to produce watering in the evening after sunset.

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