How to grow courgets

You will need
  • – seeds;
  • – seedling cups
  • – fertile earth
  • – acrylic
  • – polyethylene film
  • – ash;
  • – overturned.

For 25-30 days before landing in the open ground, start growing courgette seedling. Note that courgettes are afraid of minus temperature, so choose seed sowing time depending on your region. In the middle strip of Russia, it’s about mid-April.


Place the seeds in a 1% manganese solution for 20 minutes. Then get it and rinse it. Put the seeds in a damp cloth and keep warm until germinating. Pour into seedling pots good vegetable land. Make a dimple in each pot and put the seed back down. Burying and pour.


After sprouts appear, put on a bright spot. When the seedling is 25-30 days old, transfer it to the mud. At the same time, make rows of 60 cm wide apart, and plant plants themselves at a distance of 50-60 cm one from the other.


Water only with warm water, warm it in the sun. When threatened with return frosts, cover the planting with acrylic or polyethylene film. Remove the weeds and loose the soil. And soon, in a month, you will be able to remove the first harvest.


Courgettes can be sown and straight into the open ground. To do this, make the mud, on them in one or two rows dig up the recesses for 10 cm, put a handful of permine, with a matchbox of wood ash. Plant the sprouted seed and bury. Pit and cover with polyethylene film. Under it, courgettes will sprout quickly. Take the film off. Care for the shoots as written above.

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