How to grow a gold plum

Fruit trees planted at the cottage give the opportunity to treat fruits in large quantities, make them billets for winter.

In addition to apple trees, plums are very popular among gardeners. It is possible to plant on the site those that will give blue or yellow fruit. The latter, ripening, acquire a golden hue, so such plums are still called gold.

There are 2 main ways to grow amber plums — from seedling and from seed. The second is more common.

Planting material

If there is already a drain of such a grade on the site, it is grown from its roots. She is removed periodically so she doesn’t shade the tree or take away nutrients from it.

Plum seedlings are harvested and planted in autumn — September — October or spring — late April — early May.

Spruce wants to have a few plums in the garden, then take an axe and mark it with the blade the ground around the young grew so as not to damage its roots and roots mother tree.

Now the axe needs to work more confidently to separate the root system of the tree together with the trunk. Now we take a shovel, dig a young sapling, and free planting material is ready.

If there are no gold plums in your garden, then you can ask to dig up a breed from neighbors or buy a seedling. When the landing material is available, it is possible to proceed to the landing.

Transportation, planting a seedling If a

golden plum seedling is bought on the market, in the shop and has an open root system, then before planting or transporting to the site (if she is long-lasting) roots are lowered into a clay chatter.

To prepare a clay chatter, you need to take half a bucket of water and put so much clay in it, so that when stirring you will get a mass reminiscent of thick sour cream.

Now the roots of the tree are lowered into the chatter, give them to stand for 5 minutes, carefully, without discharging the clay, get the sapling and put it on prepared cellophane. The clay should dry. After that, you can take the tree to the cottage or immediately plant on the plot.

Plant a tree in the ground and care for it

For the plum swarm not very deep, but wide enough pit, dimensions 60×80 cm. In it are put 2 buckets of overstuffed manure or compost, half a liter can of ash and half a glass of nitrofoss. All this is well mixed and decorated in the form of a hillock. On it is put a seedling, spread the roots and filled with fertile earth.

For 2 times water the tree with two buckets of water and trample the ground around the trunk with a foot.

Care – simple – annual removal of the growth, the formation of the crown. To do this, it is necessary to drank the lower branches to clearly mark the trunk and remove the sick, dry branches.

In the early spring, the trunk is whitewashed. If it costs dry weather in summer, once a week the drain is plentifully watered. Feed it at the end of April with a solution of urea or cow, in late May and early July fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium. Then yellow plum harvests will be excellent.

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