How to grow a basil on a windowsill

You will need
  • – phytolamps or daylight lamps;
  • – planting capacity;
  • – keramsite;
  • – soil;
  • – fertilizer for vegetable
  • crops

  • – cuttings
  • – seeds.

It is possible to grow basil on a windowsill all year round. However, the culture is this heat-loving, sensitive to the amount of light and the length of light day. Place a container of plant on a windowsill on the sunny side of the apartment. In the autumn-winter period, provide illumination – 3-4 hours in the evening, and in cloudy weather and in the daytime. Use a phytolamb or daylight lamp for this purpose. In the spring-summer period, no illumination is required.


Prepare the capacity for landing. These could be small boxes or flower pots. Note, however, that from a small container the plants will have to be replanted, as the bushes grow sufficiently voluminous, and over time they will interfere with each other.


On the bottom of the tank, place drainage — a layer of keramzite 2-3 cm thick. Then the soil layer. Take a mixture of biohumus and coconut fiber in a 1:2 ratio or plain vegetable land, pre-enriching it with minerals. Use universal fertilizers for vegetable crops for this purpose.


The easiest way to grow is cuttings. You can take cuttings from the mud or use shop-bought shoots, of course, if they are fresh. Cuttings are easily rooted. Put them in a water tank. In a few days they will learn their own roots, and in another week 2 they can be replanted in a pot.


It will

take longer to grow basil from seeds. However, you will use such a bush for much longer, as plants grown from cuttings are fairly fast in bloom and can no longer be used for food.


Before planting for a couple of hours, soak the seeds in a manganese solution. Sow basil into damp ground to a depth of not more than 1 cm. Cover the container with cellophane film. The shoots will appear in 3-5 days. The plants are permanently replanted after the appearance of 3-4 real leaves.


Basil needs daily, though not too abundant, watering. The soil should be moderately wet. Watering is desirable in the morning hours. Optimum temperature for 25oC growth. To preserve the fragrance, scoop off the florals as soon as they appear.

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