How to get rid of plum pigs

You will need
  • – saw;
  • – arboricides;
  • – herbicides;
  • – drill;
  • – capacity for herbicides;
  • – polyethylene film.

Use to remove plum powder arboricides. These special drugs are designed to kill weed plants and unwanted tree plantings. Means penetrate the root system of the piglets and do not harm the main tree. After completing their task, arboricides find themselves in the soil, where they completely disintegrate without harming the ecology. Only to acquire such an effective remedy can be difficult.


If special preparations cannot be obtained for some reason, use common herbicides designed for control of plum breeds removal of weed grass.


Spit the tree at the right height, for example at the level of the breast. If you are not going to uproot the tree afterwards, you can cut it directly along the soil line.


Drill a few holes in a fresh cut. Choose the drill as large a diameter as possible, because it will be possible to use a significant amount of the drug. Drilling holes is recommended not at the center of the barrel, but closer to the edges where the conductive layer is located. It will be possible to ensure the penetration of the drug into the farthest parts of the plant, including roots


Prepare a herbicide drug. To destroy the piglets, it would need to be diluted to a greater extent than to treat the grass. Now pour the solution into drilled holes. Cover the space of the sleeper with film or a piece of plastic. Even a wooden or metal cover will be suitable. This is necessary to protect the herbicide from direct exposure to sunlight and from evaporation. Leave the plant for about a week.


After a week, refresh the holes by drilling them a bit. Pour a new portion of the drug into the holes. The volume of the poured means is determined by the dimensions of the barrel, from which the rocks depart. If necessary, repeat the procedure again in 7-10 days. After that, you will see the plum growths withering and ceasing their life.


Don’t rush to uproot the stump. Wait a certain time to make sure the growths die off. Otherwise, new plum shoots may appear after rasping.

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