How to fight mole on a garden

You will need
  • – shovel;
  • – bucket or jar;
  • – board;
  • – sneakers or caps;
  • – kerosene;
  • – calcium carbide;
  • tar

  • – naphthalene
  • – water hose
  • – water.

Identify on the terrain where the mole is located and open it completely. At one level with the lower surface of the stroke, dig in a small bucket or glass jar that will serve as a trap. Then restore the mole move and close with some utility material, such as turf or trimming of the board. The fact is that moles do not tolerate drafts, so the ruined move will simply score with soil.


Try a radical way of getting rid of mole – special traps, sneakers and traps. Keep the traps alert and set them in pairs in one turn ends to each other. It is necessary to ensure that the wire rings are located on both sides of the turn.


Apply to scare off mole substances that have a sharp and repellent smell: tar, naphthalene, calcium carbide, kerosene, creolin. Gently lay the chemicals in the burrows, respecting safety measures when handling them. When working, be sure to protect your hands with rubber gloves.


For protection from moles of the vegetable garden, plant vegetable beans along the boundaries of the land plot. It is also advisable to sow beans and the inside of the vegetable garden in a staggered order. Such plantings usually scare off mole, who seek to move from the bean-seeded site to another location.


If the measures you have taken have not resulted in the desired result, use a more stringent method to destroy unwanted animals. Insert a regular garden hose into a fresh mole burrow and pour the underground passages with water. Sometimes a small amount of carbide is put in the course before such watering, resulting in gas formation and mole destruction.

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