How to fertilize aubergine

What eggplant love

 How delicious the fruit of eggplant is so difficult to achieve a rich crop of this crop. To properly develop eggplant requires a lot of nutrients. In the first place, nitrogen is needed. It accelerates the growth of the bush, the formation of the knotty. It is important to know the measure in this case Excess nitrogen will cause the plant to begin to be distinguished by its large, bright green leaves, but flowering will be rare.

Eggplant badly needs phosphorus. It strengthens the root system, activates the growth of the bush. Problematic aubergines develop and without potassium. The mineral strengthens the immunity of the plant, makes it more hardy, and accordingly unpretentious.

If there is enough boron, manganese and iron in the soil, the eggplant gives a rich harvest, and the fruit is distinguished by a special tenderness, aroma.

How healthy aubergine The

health condition of the plant is simple to determine. To do this, you need to pay attention to the leaves and remember 3 rules.

  1. Slow development, yellowing the edges of the leaves — potassium shortage.
  2. Flowers fall, fruits are not formed — the need for phosphorus.
  3. Sluggish foliage and even leaffall are the necessity of nitrogen.

Feeding period The

first fertilizer must be used immediately after peak. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are fed a week and a half before planting seedlings in the soil.

Next month the plant is watered with water without additives. After this period, the plant is again pampened with additional nutrition – nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus. Next, it is important to focus on the health of the bush, to monitor the appearance of the leaves.

Soil the eggplant is recommended in the morning or in the evening. This is the most optimal time for vitaminization.

Benefit of organic fertilizers

Many country dwellers choose organic fertilizers. They don’t just allow for a healthy harvest, but they also enrich the soil.

Dung solution is very popular. To prepare it, it is necessary to mix manure with water, observing proportions of 1:10. In order to be even more nutritious, you can add bird litter with water — 1:20. It’s not worth using right away. It is important to give the fertilizer a week. Well complemented by the cow, the crushed weeds.

They love eggplant and wood ash. To do this, it is bred with water (1:3) and given a week to stand.

Live yeast gives great effect.

Instructions for cooking miracle opara for aubergines

  1. 100 g live yeast soak in a small amount of water.
  2. Add to softened briquette 100g of sugar sand.
  3. Pour the sugar-yeast mixture of 3 litres of warm water.
  4. Leave the solution for a day in a warm place. During this time, it will stand and stop bursting.

This opara strengthens the root system of the plant, accelerates the formation and growth of fruits.

Some gardeners prefer solutions made from exotic fruits.

Instructions for preparation of banana feeding

  1. skins from 3 large bananas pour 3 liters of water.
  2. Insistence for 2 days.
  3. Filter the solution and it will be fully ready to work.

These rudimentary rules will make the plant care process more enjoyable and help grow a rich crop of aubergines.

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