How to embed halogen lights

You will need
  • – level;
  • – tracer cord with dye;
  • – hydrolevel;
  • – metal scissors;
  • – drill;
  • – drill;
  • – abrasive paper
  • – hacksaw
  • – probe indicator.

Before you start work, the electrician must reweld the supply wires for the lamps. Halogen lamps are powered by reduced voltage. It is for this reason that transformers should be used to reduce the network voltage to the desired value.


You can now measure and determine the position of the beam on the ceiling surface. Length straight lines markings are best done by tracing cord. On the wall, mark the bottom level of the beam with the halogen lamps and then determine the second end of the beam using the water level.


Next, attach two steel U-profiles to the ceiling, and from the plasterboard plate cut the side walls of the beams and attach them to profiles. To stiffen the structure between the upper and lower profiles, insert vertical sections made of the same steel profiles.


By means of self-cutting screws, attach the bottom plating made of plasterboard sheet to the profiles. Strengthen all the joints with self-adhesive fiberglass mesh, which will completely eliminate cracking of the putty applied to the surface of the plates.


On the lowest plane of the beam, apply the axis on which to place the halogen lamps. Drill holes for mounting lamps in marked places.


Through the resulting holes, pull the wires laid by the electrician designed to connect the lamps and with the help of a special indicator check if they’re not energized.


Now install transformers. To do this, remove the cover and attach wires to the terminal pad marked with a special symbol on the housing. They will feed power to the plinth of the halogen light bulb.


The transformer will need to be placed in the inner cavity of the beam, namely at the edge of the hole. At the same time, make sure that the wire with the connector freely dangles from the hole.


By compressing the springs, insert the halogen light bulb into the prepared opening. Pins insert it into the connector socket and then place it in the lamp housing, which must be fixed to the beam by that time. To fix the lamp in the recess on the body insert a spring ring.

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