How to decorate a garden


Your garden will look more manicured and beautiful if you ennob all paths and paths on the plot. It is easiest to put concrete slabs, which come in a wide variety of shapes. This is a very economical and convenient way. Neutral appearance of concrete slab will allow it to be used in any garden design option. In addition, concrete can be easily combined with other finishing materials — stone, sand, pebbles, etc.

Another, more decorative option is to lay out the tracks with finishing material. There are a lot of different options, from paving tiles and flat stones to round coils of trees. A special basis must be prepared for each type of coating.
To make the paths look beautiful and spectacular in the evening, put along them a series of solar powered garden lights. The average price of one lantern is 50 rubles. So it will be a reasonably economical and aesthetic option.


No garden plot will look nice unless flowers grow on it. Therefore, be sure to create at your house flower beds, flower beds, alpine garden. In specialized magazines and on horticultural sites on the Internet you can find interesting and varied schemes of flower beds and alpine slides. Consult a landscape specialist.
Here are some types of flower beds that can be used in your garden:

Rabatka – long stretches of flowers along paths and lawns. The width of the rabbit can reach two meters. It is best to use one or two kinds of colors for this species.

Curbs are similar to a rabbit, but no more than 80 cm. For curbs use low and soil cover plants. They emphasize lines of walls, fences, paths.

Flowerbeds are small flower beds of a clearly geometrical shape. There are flowerbeds on the ground or in vazons. It is best to break them in the most important, “parade” areas of the garden — in front of the facade of the house, by the pond, near the recreation area. In addition, you can show fantasy and make one two original flower beds from old furniture — a bed, a chair, a chest of drawers, a bicycle or even an old grand piano. It will look very, very interesting and amusing.


Possibly patio — said loudly about your humble gazebo. But such a structure where you can take guests in the fresh air, in the evening to drink tea, and in the afternoon to shelter from the heat – a thing absolutely necessary.

Capital gazebo or light frame, with ivy – not so important. The main thing is that it suits the owners. Any gazebo can be decorated and give it a romantic look for evening get-togethers. And it’s not necessary to hang an electrical illumination. You can make beautiful flashlights with your hands from tin or glass cans and put on the bottom of a candle. The shimmering light will create an atmosphere of cosiness and romance.

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