How to close your yard from the eyes of neighbors

The best way to ensure privacy in your own yard is a fence. But under close cottage development, few will put a two-storey-high fence. In such cases, certain techniques of landscape design will allow privacy.

Trees in the garden as a fence

Thick foliage not only hides unwanted species, but also reduces noise from the street. In summer, you can arrange a seating area in the shade of trees or use them to shade the south side of the house or terrace. In winter, sunlight will freely pass through the branches. It is not necessary to plant the entire yard with tall trees, sometimes one is enough. Under the tree you can arrange a summer dining area (placing a table with chairs), and between two strong trees you can hang a hammock or swing.

Shrublands – hedge

planted along the perimeter of the recreation area, shrubs create a natural barrage, and flowering shrubs also add visual attractiveness to the yard. For a spectacular species, it is better to create a barrier of several plant species. This will achieve two goals — increase ornamentality by combining different shades and forms of foliage, as well as saving some planting if one species of planted shrubs perishes from disease or pests. A small fountain can be constructed near shrubs.

The beauty of hanging plants

Ampel Plants is a quick and cheap way to create a private corner. A few hanging plants hanging on hooks around the seating area, balcony or porch will not only hide from curious eyes and will delight in beautiful flowers with a pleasant fragrance, but some of them can be used as repellents that drive away insects.

The use of the vine

Curly plants allow you to create dense screens of any shape, height and anywhere. The fast-growing vine can be used on a gazebo, fence, pergola or sleeper to create a secluded area or to disguise, for example, air conditioning and trash cans. Also it’s a great hedge by the pool from the neighborhood eyes.

Bamboo hedge

is growing rapidly and in 2-3 years it will create a tall natural screen that will prevent neighbors from peering through it. It grows so densely and fast that it can be used as a hedge. When choosing bamboo for planting in the middle strip, you need to choose frost-resistant varieties. The disadvantage of such a hedge is the need to create restrictors for plant roots so that they do not spread throughout the garden. It is possible to grow bamboo in containers, if the plants are still small, the containers are simply installed on the rise. It looks very good near the street stove and barbecue.

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