How to choose ice cream yogurt


When choosing ice-cream yogurt, first of all, make sure that this kind of complex technique is suitable for you. The association of ice cream and yogurt in one device has its advantages, such a machine takes less space in the kitchen and costs less, on the other hand, the choice of individual yogurts and ice cream plants more, and you you can pick up every type of technique for yourself. In the case of a single apparatus you will have to accept the manufacturer’s views on what ice cream and what yogurt should be in the house together.


Note the containers included in the yogurt kit. If you have a small family, you will have enough a few small cups of 100-150 ml, if you want to eat a lot of yogurt, it is better to take yogurt with a large liter capacity. If you take a yogurt with multiple jars, you have the option to prepare each family member their own individual yogurt.


Note the type of ice cream. The automatic is equipped with a bowl cooling device, 10 minutes of its operation is enough and you can make ice cream. Semi-automatic requires freezing pre-ice cream container in the refrigerator, which will take hours, in addition, the capacity may not fall into your freezer, its dimensions will need to be taken into account when choice.


Ice cream, as well as yogurts, can have different capacities. However, usually manufacturers make balanced models, that is, if the yogurt in the machine is designed for a small family, then the ice cream will be small capacity.


Frozen yogurt is sometimes equipped with a timer, the price of the device from this can increase by 500 rubles, with no real benefit from the timer no, since it only signals the past tense, but doesn’t manage the process itself, which means you just as well can start a normal alarm clock.

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