How to choose furniture in the kitchen and not regret it

What to pay attention when choosing kitchen furniture

 Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. In the kitchen, any family spends most of their lives. And if we talk about the female half, you can say that almost all your life. How to choose kitchen furniture so that it not only pleases the eye, but also is practical in use?

The choice of the size of kitchen furniture depends on the size of the room in which it will be installed, but its appearance and internal appearance – on the person who chooses it. It is best to make furniture to order. In this case, it will be individual (made strictly according to the customer’s drawings) and perfectly placed in the kitchen. You can buy furniture in the store too, but there will be something you don’t like.

When making custom furniture, cabinets can be made of any size. Best of all, hinged cabinets do not do standard size. Order them longer than centimeters by 15-20. Thanks to this there will be an additional shelf It can be placed on it things that are rarely used in use. Lower cabinets are best left standard-sized.

Now we turn to the color scheme. Many believe that dark hues kitchen furniture is the most practical. That’s a big misconception In fact the most practical is the furniture of light shades. Such furniture is much easier to wash and there are almost no dirty spots on it. You can notice dirt only if you come to the furniture very close and look at it. On the same dark furniture, on the contrary, even dried water drops can be seen very well.

Choosing the facade of furniture try to have as few carved patterns and open shelves on them as possible. Since in the future it will be the dirtiest places. It is not worth ordering many lockers with glass doors. They will need to be constantly rubbed to a shine. Ask furniture makers to install closers on all doors and drawers. It is very convenient and protects the furniture from constantly slamming doors. Drawer closers are expensive. In case there are limitations in finance, it is necessary to install a closer at least on those boxes that are most commonly used. Like a box with spoons and forks.

Now let’s talk about film, which is covered by facades (if of course furniture is more economical option). Despite the fact that the attention of many attracts furniture with glossy facades – it is not the best option not only for the kitchen, but also for any furniture. Glossy film gets dirty like a mirror. There will be divorces and fingerprints on her all the time. If you want to walk constantly with a rag and rub furniture, this is the right option.

Choosing furniture is not such a simple matter. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to change it every year.

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