How to choose an attic window

Types of skylights

difference between such a window in that it is mounted vertically in a separate box on the roof or at an angle to the horizontal surface, $ which can be 30 to 70 degrees. This installation allows you to save heat and increase the amount of light entering the room by 50% compared to a normal wall mounted window. In addition, if required, more windows can be installed on the roof than on the side walls.

Interior windows of skylights are made of special material, which, in case of damage, is spread into rectangular small pieces, excluding the danger of a cut.

Mansard windows come in two types — vertical and sloping. The former are installed on roof stingrays in protruding boxes, the latter are mounted in it. The slanted version is more popular, as such windows allow for more light. Located at an angle to the horizontal surface, the skylight is less weather-prone, and it can be protected by sturdy shutters that prevent damage to the panes. Proper installation and installation will be a guarantee against leaking and condensation in the room where the window is installed.

Double glazed skylights are sealed and filled with insulating gas, which ensures their high insulation quality.

What to pay attention to when selecting the attic window

Selection of skylights and refinement of their quantity should be done at the stage design because their size depends directly on the pitch of the rafter structure. The lower the stingray of the roof, the wider windows can be installed in it. The permissible length and width of windows is also selected depending on the area of the room, but it must not exceed half of the roof section limited to the rafters.

The number of windows and the total glazing area also depend on the area of the room. It is recommended to install 1 sqm of glazing for every 10 sqm of space, for children’s rooms – for every 8 sqm. The mansard window design should provide good air exchange and ventilation capability, which will prevent condensation and mold or fungus formation.

Choosing glass glazing, prefer those windows with the thickness of the outer glass greater – they are stronger and will withstand increased loads. You will always be able to choose a skylight in the architectural style in which your home is designed, manufacturers offer a wide variety of style and color solutions.

In addition, you can choose plastic or wooden frames for skylights. It can be said that in this option, good and cheaper PVC windows will be preferable because their operating conditions imply increased humidity and significant temperature differences, $ ruinous for natural wood.

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