How to choose a low-cost and functional juice

What is important to know by choosing a juicer

To begin with, decide what juices you will drink. In the case when the choice is limited to tangerine, lemon, orange and grapefruit, you will be a citrus juicer, a feature of which will be a faceted cone, which will squeeze the juice when rotating of the half of the citrus fruit, pressed against it by a cut. The cost of such kitchen appliances, designed for quick preparation of a cup of juice, will amount to several hundred rubles.

When the range of fruits and vegetables is wide, it will be necessary to purchase a good universal juicer with some additional features. The price of such a juicer will be higher, but its possibilities will be much wider. Reviews and customer reviews published on the Internet allow you to determine the necessary and sufficient set of features for these devices.

The larger the volume of the cake tank, the less often it will need to be cleaned in the process of pressing the juice.

Choice of citrus juicers

Cheap you can buy a mechanical citrus juicer, but its cost is quite comparable to inexpensive electric models. Given that the inside of the citrus fruit is quite soft, 25-30 W is sufficient for the productive work of the juicer, so there is no need to acquire a more powerful, and therefore, $ and more expensive. In the price category up to 1 thousand rubles you can choose the devices that are included when pressed on the cone, having a reverse mode and a control of the amount of flesh added to the juice. When selected, note that the bottom of the pitcher is fitted with rubber suction cups for greater stability. This functionality is enough to make you comfortable and pleasant to use the juicer.

Choosing a juicer, prefer models whose jug for juice collection has a larger volume.

Choice of inexpensive universal juicers

Since these appliances are designed to treat both hard and soft vegetables and fruits, it is better, so that the universal juicer has at least two speeds. As for power, 200-500 watts will be enough for quality spin. Check that the kit includes a citrus press, the pressing pressing method allows you to squeeze much more juice out of the orange. The kit should include a special centrifuge cleaning brush, and the appliance stand should have a rubberized base for stability. Metal mesh microfilter and direct juice supply system will not be unnecessary. Juicer with such functions will cost about 2 thousand rubles.

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