How to choose a cultivator for a give


Determine the size of the cultivator. The smallest, so-called light cultivators, allow the soil to be ploughed to a depth of 15 cm, with the width of the strip cultivated in one pass being approximately 30 cm. Light cultivators really have a small mass, so anyone will deal with them. Small cultivators are suitable for beds with vegetables, greenhouses, flowerbeds with flowers.


Mid-sized cultivators leaves behind a strip of plowed earth half a meter wide. They can weigh between 20 and 40 kg and are therefore equipped with wheels to make them easier to roll. Average cultivators use if you plant a lot of vegetables, for example a few hundred potatoes.


Large cultivators weigh more than 40 kg, they are considered attachments, meaning they are attached to small tractors. A large cultivator can plough the hardest soil to depths of more than 30 cm. Such cultivators use no longer on country plots, but on fields.


Cultivators may also differ by drive type. The easiest one is a hand cultivator, it’s something average between a pull, a rake and a shovel. They can easily handle small mudflats, so that before buying an electric or gasoline cultivator make sure that you do not get by with a simple manual.


Electric cultivators usually belong to the light class, they have little power, these are the most common cultivators for giving. Remember that an electric cultivator requires a connection to the electrical grid, so you should be sure that the length of the wire is enough to get to all corners of the site.


More expensive and powerful – gasoline cultivators, they are difficult to maintain, in fact it is a tractor in miniature. Such a cultivator is needed if you need to plough a really large area.


Some cultivators are equipped with various extras that can further facilitate your summer work. Decide whether you need an aerator, potato digger, plough, puppet, etc. If you can’t decide right away – no trouble, usually the manufacturer offers attachments for a line of their cultivators, which can be bought if necessary.

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