How to care for azalia home

Flowering occurs during the winter months. Azalea blooms mostly white, red and pink.

Azalea is a demanding plant, but if you provide it with perfect conditions from the start, it will delight you with abundant flowering. Important factors responsible:

1. Irrigation regularity. Although it is one of the plants that likes the wet soil, it should not be poured with a lot of water, because there is a possibility of rotting roots. It’s better to water it with room-temperature boiled water. The ideal pH for azalias is within 3.5-4.5. In case the plant wilts, you can transfer it to a deep vessel of water and “pour” for a few minutes to let the roots and soil hydrate.

2. Fertilizer application. From August until flower buds form, the plant is comfortable every 2-3 weeks

3. Perfect temperature. Azalea grows best and develops at temperatures around 15-17 degrees Celsius. It should not be adjacent to radiators and air purifiers that create significant air flows or drafts. It is undesirable to keep the plant near an open window and balcony.

4. Sunlight. This plant is very demanding of light. In a shady place, flowers won’t grow correctly.

Azaleas are regularly watered with a small amount of soft water (it is pre-boiled and aged). The root ball should never completely dry. In the autumn, we cut back on the water diet.

In summer, bushes can be planted in the garden in semi-shady and shady places. Since azalea is not frost-resistant, it should be brought into the room until cold. Before blossoming azalea, the air temperature ranges from 5 to 12° C. It can then be moved to a slightly warmer room with temperatures up to 18 degrees. The plant is very sensitive to dry air, overheating and drafts. Being in such conditions, it quickly drops leaves and flowers.

It is important to regularly treat the plant from spider mite, greenhouse white-wing and aphids. The ideal solution is to use drugs designed for azalias.

The plant is propagated mainly by cuttings. The procedure is carried out in the spring-summer period.

Here are a few recommendations for propagating azalea:

— cut cuttings preferably done with a sharp knife;

— extract cuttings directly under the kidney;

— for quick “pressing” plants use moist peat;

— near the cuttings carefully trample the soil;

— spraying, ventilating and watering 3 times a day;

— stimulants for rooting and substrate heating;

— the grown plant content at temperatures below 18 degrees.

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