How to break a flower

Flower maker is simple enough, for this you don’t need to be a professional. The most important thing is to choose the right place and think through the range of plants It is necessary to choose them based on the conditions in which they will grow. And, of course, focusing on your tastes. However, several rules will be relevant to all flower beds.

There are two types of flower flower: regular and irregular. The former is usually in the form of a proper geometric figure, and the flowers are planted symmetrically with respect to each other. Such a flower bed has clear boundaries, which do not say about the flower flower flower irregular. It has a more natural shape, smooth lines usually without sharp corners. The irregular flower flower consists of plants that flower throughout the season.

You can create a slightly elevated flower bed that will be in the center of your garden, and attract attention. Many people like to decorate the homestead with a few monobeds. A specific plant species is planted in each of them.

Selection of colors is an equally important task. Both annual plants and perennials can be included in the flower bed. Plus one-year-olds is that every year you will be able to change the range of your flower flower flower, every time it will delight you with its variety.


plants should be properly planted. Perennials after a few years are strongly sprawling, this must be taken into account when planting, leaving a greater distance between them. Plant the largest plants with a calculation of 2-3 plants per 1m2. The average size flowers are 4-5 pieces per 1 m2. Low plants can safely plant 8-10 pieces.

Perfectly on the flower bed look flox, dahlias, astres, rudbekia and other beautiful flowering plants. The most correct option is to place the taller plants in the center, and the lower ones around the edges. The average in height will be between. With this arrangement, all flowers will be visible, they will not interfere with each other. Low-breasted shrubs can even be used in the flower bed, but it is important that it does not overshadow other lower plants.

A flower flower, made up only of low or carpet plants, looks great.

And, of course, when forming a flower flower, you can’t forget about different garden figures. These may be animal figurines, dwarfs or fungi. By placing them among the plants, you will give the flower flower flower an even more lively appearance.

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