How to avoid unnecessary spending in the summer season

You’ll need
  • – rainwater
  • – onion
  • – garlic
  • – red pepper
  • – chamomile
  • – organic waste
  • – nettle
  • – Wormwood

Rainwater Collection
Put the barrels under all the plums from the roof. In order not to get into the water dust, leaves, insects, full barrels keep closed.


Proper watering
To let moisture evaporate more slowly, do not water plants in heat. If possible it is better to use the aerosol method of watering. With such watering, water is consumed twice as much.


Onion and
garlic Sheel from onions or garlic pour boiling water. On a bucket of water is taken approximately 200 g and insisted one hour. Spray plants once a month. This remedy handles ticks, peduncles and scoops well.


Red bitter pepper
Spread in 5 liters cold water 50g ground pepper. Insist the solution for about three hours. Spray with this solution cucumbers and cabbage affected by caterpillars and cabbage scoop.


Delay moisture in the ground
Use weeds, sawdust, last year’s foliage to mulch the soil. Under such a coating, moisture evaporates much more slowly. If you have light soils on your site that quickly give away moisture, add compost or stone flour to the ground before planting plants.


Grind 300g leaves and daisy flowers and pour 5 liters of water, insist a few days. Before use, dilute the product with water 1:2. Several times spray crops affected by aphids, mites, small caterpillars, weevil weevil larvae.


Choose solar-powered lights
During the day, flashlight batteries are charged with solar energy. In the evening, the lamps automatically turn on and illuminate the tracks at the cottage.


Nettles and Wormwood
Shredded tops place in plastic utensils, filling it by a third. Pour water into the container. Two or three times a day the solution is stirred in order to evaporate the gases. Before feeding, dilute the liquid 1:10. A solution of nettle and wormwood, it is a good feeding for any plant.


Organic waste
In a crate or in a pit fold literally everything that lies under your feet, beveled grass, branches, foliage, cleaning of vegetables and fruit, shell and other useful litter.$ It turns out compost, this is a fine fertilizer for vegetable and berry plants.

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