How to achieve a rich crop of carces

Of course, it will be possible to grow a root crop in almost everyone, but only those who know certain secrets of growing carrots will be able to collect a truly rich crop.

When to plant carrot seeds in open ground?

When to sow, everyone decides himself, because, goals and deadlines are different:

  • Spring sowing is held from April 15 to May 15. In this case in August it will be possible to harvest crops.
  • Summer sowing is held from 15 May to 10 June. The harvest will be around the end of September, this option is suitable for winter storage of root vegetables.
  • Winter sowing is held from October 20 to November 15. It is clear that this method will be good for early harvest.

How to choose the perfect place to plant carrots?

It is known that the root crop is not too attractive, but it is necessary to create comfortable conditions to obtain an excellent crop. Gardeners should take into account such points:

  1. carrots like illuminated areas;
  2. soil should be of medium acidity;
  3. it is better to sow seeds where tomatoes grew before, potatoes, corn or legumes, but do not sow on the former site of spicy herbs;
  4. do not plant the vegetable in the same place for two years in a row.

How to grow quality shoots?

There are different ways, all of them have merits and disadvantages. For example, sowing seeds into the ground is the most common and simple way. Sowing material is spread into holes. But shoots will not be even, and seed consumption cannot be called economical.

Sowing draped seeds will save time, but it costs more. Sown dragée into individual holes and germinate well, as the seeds are placed in a nutrient shell.

The roll method is considered the most economical and efficient of all. To do this, strips are made of paper with glued seeds, which is simply placed in holes and watered. Carrots will rise evenly, but later than, for example, in the first variant.

Regardless of the seeding method for the speedy appearance of sprouts, you can cover the mud with film for several weeks. So the soil will remain hydrated, and weeds won’t become too disturbing.

How to care for carrots after planting?

Carrots, like any plant, need to be fertilized. For the first time it is possible to feed the sown vegetable in a month, for the second time – after two weeks from the first feeding, and in the third – in early August.


suitable fertilizer for carrots is mineral based on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Also, excellent feeding is a solution of wood ash, it contains a lot of potassium. Watering the root crops should be every 2-3 days, but not too plentiful. Throughout the growth time carrots need to go missing and loose mud.

For the

harvest to please, it takes a lot of effort and time. But if you observe all the advice on care and planting plants, a crisp and juicy vegetable will decorate any family’s table.

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