How to make the easiest garden bench

To make the bench you can use trimming boards that are 25 mm thick and 150 mm wide. The length of the bench is 50 cm and the height is approximately 32 cm.

From two trimming boards, 45-50 cm long, you can make a seat. Another board of this length would be suitable as a czarga. But you can take a width of 100 or 120 mm.

First of all, we screw one of the seats boards. We expose two parts at an angle to each other and twist them together with a single screwup on the center.

By turning them along the axis of the screwup, you can attach the second half of the seat to the tsar. It can be fastened already hard on two screws. By bringing the first board back into place, you get a ready seat.

For the first bench, as legs we take trimming boards 150 mm wide and 25-30 cm long. Naturally, the length of the legs should be the same.

Putting the already twisted workpiece of the seat up, we set the legs. The first one screws in the center on one screwup. Turning it on the axis of the screwup, screw the second leg. The same operation is carried out with the second legs.

Having put all the details in place, they need to be twisted among themselves. The legs can be screwed to the seat with screws with decorative hats.

Basically, the first stool is ready. It doesn’t look very, which means you can make some corrections. For example, round the corners at the seat. This can be done by a lobsier or even just a hacksaw.

Straight legs by the bench don’t look very attractive either. So they can be treated with a little lobbed, too. Draw a figure and remove everything extra.

Tsarga can also be not only rectangular, but also curly.

After this treatment, the bench begins to take shape.

The next step to improve the appearance, may be machining the bench with a hand miller. It is only necessary to pass the cutter and round all the edges of the bench parts as it turns into a real product.

To avoid drifts, the bench should be treated with sandpaper. Especially on the ends and the places where the miller worked.

There’s an interesting method – for the lazy. Burn with a gas burner. All the gaffes just burn up and we get a smooth surface.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the production of such a bench. It is possible to make stencils of parts and as the trimmings accumulate, make blanks. This will shorten further bench assembly time.

The cost of such bench will be equal to 100 rubles on the material. If you do several pieces at once, it is quite possible to produce up to 4-5 pieces in an hour. Further you can count – what time you estimate your time and will turn out the cost of the bench. By topping the top, you get a price from which you can already enter the market. Ready benches can be put for sale in shops trading garden equipment.

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