How to just make a bench? Take and do!

Garden bench is an irreplaceable thing. You can just chip a couple of boards and attach them to the stumps, but it looks too easy. Which means it makes sense, turn on fantasy and make everything beautiful.

To make the bench you will need 40 by 40 mm or 50 by 50 mm bars. They’re needed to frame the future bench. The rails with a section of 50*25 or 40*25 mm, will be used for the seat itself.

The most important thing about such a bench is to build a strong frame. Not only will the appearance depend on him, but the resilience of the bench itself.

Dimensions can be taken arbitrary, but there are also certain standards. For example, it is worth taking 40-45 centimeters for height, and 50cm wide. This is the most acceptable size for a comfortable seat. The length can be any and depends on the customer’s request. For two people, 120 cm is quite enough.


frame of the future bench should be assembled using glue. The glue “Moment” for the tree is quite suitable. It grabs the wood well and dries quickly. For better fastening, you should use screws.

Tips for stiffness can be made of 50*25 mm. This thickness is quite enough. The frame of the future bench is made from such calculation so that it is 5 centimeters already than the future seat.

Seat rails should be drunk in one size and driven away on a riaismus. Working with neat details is always more pleasant and convenient.


gap between the rails can be set in the thickness of one of them. 20-25 mm is a convenient size.

Having laid out all the reaks and equaling one edge at the roets they can be screwed with screws.

The bench is ready, but requires more finishing and painting. When the tree is badly polished – it is always beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Planes can be treated with a grinder or a bell with a sandpaper circle. Small parts are better done by hand.

The side walls of the frame can be decorated with carvings of a lobzic or a bell. This will give the bench a beautiful appearance.

All available edges can be treated with a rounded cutter.

For painting you can choose from a huge number of different coatings. It all depends on your tastes and wishes. The easiest way to handle is firing. A small gas burner and gas canister will give your bench a unique look. When firing, beautiful drawings of the structure of the wood are manifested. This pattern can be secured with transparent varnish.

If the bench will stand all year round on the street, you can use colored moricks. Best used on a wax-based basis. This morilka not only gives color to the wood, but also clogs the pores of wood. This will prevent e from swelling and collapsing.

A similar bench looks good in the Russian bath. But hardwood should be chosen as wood. Birch or aspen can be used. This board does not release resin when heated. This bench is covered by special oil for bath shelves.

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