How to choose a desk lamp to work behind a computer

Size and shape matter. What to consider when choosing a table lamp?

Special attention deserves directly the lampshade. Scientists have long studied the effect of its configuration on the regulation of load on the eyes. Preference should be given to those whose configuration resembles a trapezoid or ball tapering at the base and expanding towards the edges.

We should not forget what materials were used to make the lampshade. The ideal option is glass, which is not as prone to heating during prolonged operation as metal, and at the same time does not release harmful substances as plastic.

Plastic can be used provided that the light bulb itself is located at a sufficiently large distance from the walls of the plafon.

The size of the desktop lamp purchased for computer work is also important. Adequate proportions of the dimensions of the lamp and the work surface must be complied with. Using more power bulbs to increase the illuminated surface is far from an appropriate option. In the case of a large countertop, the lamps with a large lampshade will be better suited.

The color solution, in which the lamp plate is made is just as important. Ideally, the color should be calm and not attention-grabbing, otherwise it will be difficult to focus on the computer, which will further increase the burden on the eyes.

When studying the issue of color influence on psychoemotional and physical well-being of a person, scientists found that green and his shades.

Tripod and stand, which should not be forgotten when choosing a lamp

The first rule, which is strictly necessary to follow when working at the table, in the including at the computer – the light source must be at the eye level.$ Therefore, it is so important to pay attention to the possibility of regulating the height

In the lighting market most often you can find models of two kinds. The former can be adjusted by a joint forming a flexor knee. The second have a tripod made of flexible material. The

second option is most practical, due to ease of control and a higher degree of reliability and resistance to damage. Joint options are more often broken, which is not small, especially when the lamp is used by a child.

Table lamps can also be divided into two types by the method of attachment. Some have an imposing heavy base, ensuring stability, others are attached directly to the countertop using special tacks or screws.

The latter option is convenient in that it eliminates the probability of falling. But there is also one significant minus — the luminaires recorded thus are deprived of mobility.

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