Energy of room flowers in the house

Flowers with positive energy have beneficial effects on the health of residents and relationships in the family. Such plants include geranium, myrtle, thickberry, violet, poinsettia, and chrysanthemum. Each of them, giving their energy, nourishes your home with tranquillity and appeasement.

Geranium will calm nerves and clear the air, myrtle will help to establish a relationship with the spouse, and poinsettia will make you look at this world in a new way and reveal secret talents.

Flowers with heavy energy will protect your home from negativity and bad thoughts. The monster neutralizes bad energy and brings good luck to the house, the cactus will help subdue rage, and the echmey will give you confidence.

Dry flowers and artificial plants have gained popularity, due to their original appearance and minimal care, but unfortunately these plants have very negative energy and are unlikely to will benefit and comfort your home. Leave these compositions for offices and non-residential spaces.

Listen to your flowers, watch them, make friends, then they will reciprocate you and direct their best to improve the energy in your home. If you subconsciously don’t like some flower, it is better to give it to friends, since you have not found a common language with it, perhaps in your friend’s house it is necessary to create harmony.

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