Early varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Early Ripe Variety. The first fruits will appear on the bush in 94-97 days from the appearance of plants to light. It is distinguished by amicable early fruiting, drought resistance, endurance. The plant is semi-sprawling, up to 70 cm tall,. Fruits weighing 85-115 g, plum-shaped, red, with dense thick skin and increased ascorbic acid content. Resistant to cracking. Excellent variety for homemade canning, but also for salads is quite suitable.

Advanced version of everyone’s favorite classic tomato variety “White pour”. Fruiting begins in 95-100 days. In the southern areas it can be grown in a seedless way, with direct sowing directly into the mud. The plant is compact, only 40-45 cm tall. The fruits have an average weight of 120-150 grams. This variety is characterized by increased resistance to phytophthorosis and cold resistance.

Far North
Early ripe tomato variety (84-95 days) for film shelters or open ground. Can be grown by a saddle-free method. The plant is neat, not sprawling, stamped, up to 60 cm in height. The purpose of fruit is universal. The variety “Far North” is notable for being resistant to phytophthorosis, cold, as well as amicable onset of fruiting.

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