Door harmonica: questions and answers

Harmony doors in the interior of apartments

Door manufacturers pay special attention not only to functionality and strength, but also to the design of residential buildings interior doors. Doors sliding in the shape of a harmonica allow designers to implement the most modern design solutions, making this part of the apartment a full-fledged element of the interior.

Collected from plastic or wood panels about 10 cm wide, they can be supplemented with inserts of frosted panes and mosaic panels. The color and texture of wood and plastic can be very different, so you can easily pick them up to the floor or wall covering, as well as furniture. Doors-harmonica are single- and bivalves. The first option is used for narrow doorways. They are attached to door jambs, and movement in the opening is carried out by means of rollers on the rail rail mounted in the top. Special stopper devices allow you to lock the sashes in an open or closed position.

Most reliable is the design, which is installed in special boxes, which are rigidly mounted in the doorway.

Advantages and disadvantages of the construction of the door harmonica

The advantages, besides saving space and stylish appearance, can be attributed to versatility — such doors fit organically into the interior of any adjacent rooms: bedrooms and living room, hall and kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

The main disadvantage of such doors is high soundability, but when installed in a small apartment where one or two people live, this indicator does not play a big role.

Doors harmonica should be installed between rooms with the same temperature, they do not delay the heat.

Since the design of such doors consists of many elements fastened together, the life of these doors depends heavily on the quality of manufacture and fittings. Fixtures made of soft materials will start to deform very soon, this will cause the slats to start simply falling out of the guide. This is worth paying special attention when the doors are planned not to be installed in the utility room, which is rarely used, but, for example, between the living room and the bedroom or the kitchen where they will be close and open. It is necessary to buy such doors only from reliable manufacturers whose quality of products has already passed the test of time.

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