Do you have to put water counters

Installation of consumption meters is primarily due to the need to save such a valuable natural resource as water. But it is not entirely clear whether mandatory installation of individual metering devices on hot and cold water is really necessary. It is

mandatory or not to put water meters

Initially by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 6, 2011 No. 354 implied the installation of meters on water at the expense of management companies. Part of the budget was allocated, but nothing in this direction was done.

The law required all occupants to install water meters, but did not penalize their absence.


next resolution of all owners of residential premises obliged to install water metering devices at their own expense. This duty is stipulated by law, but residents do not bear responsibility for failure to install water meters.

The only sanction that people who do not believe the government can be subjected to life, is the forced installation of counters at the expense of the owner of residential property.

The right not to put meters on water

There are also several categories of citizens who are legally enshrined the right not to put water meters. However, such lucky people will have to have documentary evidence of the inability to install water metering devices due to any circumstances.

The right not to put water meters can be legitimized by documenting the impossibility of installing them.

First of all, the owners of dilapidated and emergency housing fall into this niche. In such houses, installing meters is not advisable because of the poor state of sewerage.

Tenants of apartments in houses that are soon to be demolished or overhauled, also have the right not to supply water metering devices.

A separate category are apartment buildings with low levels of electricity consumption. Owners of apartments in such houses are also exempt from mandatory installation of water meters.

If your house does not fall under any of the above categories, it is possible to avoid installation of cold and hot water metering devices based on the peculiarities of construction of engineering systems in separate apartment.

Thus, for example, the inability to replace, maintain and withdraw readings is a legitimate reason not to put a counter. This also includes improper operating conditions of devices, as well as inability to comply with mandatory rules for their installation.

All these conditions must have written confirmation made by the special services. In the absence of such a document, installation of a water meter is mandatory.

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