Different options for interior design apartment

Popular views and directions of interior design

Classic is a combination of splendor and maximum functionality. Classical interior is divided into:
– Empire (solemn style with triumphant elements);
– Baroque style (expanse, lush and majesty of detail);
– Rococo (finesse, grace and intimacy of the setting);
– Classicism (solidity, antiquity, presence of stucco, marble, art parquet and other elements of decoration).

The Gothic style of the interior is distinguished by exquisite aristocracy, the effect of space due to numerous colored stained glass windows, vertical lines, lighting solutions. The Art Nouveau style is expressed in unusual and even extravagant interior solutions, where soft and smooth lines of decorative elements are able to prevail over constructive ones. This kind of design reveals the originality and individuality of the person.

The constructive interior is as functional as possible, it almost completely lacks decor. Here the main thing is construction, not aesthetic design. This option is suitable for rational people who appreciate practicality and lack of excesses. Conservative style represents reliability, stability and tranquility. Traditional finishes, solid and representative, are appropriate here. This style of interior is preferred by respectable people, as well as phlegmatic natures.

Art deco as an interior style characterizes the beautiful taste of the host. Art Deco originated in France, and therefore this direction is distinguished by ease and grace. The romantic style is characterized by light and delicate colors, the presence of different vintage trinkets. The interior creates an elegic mood, an atmosphere of nostalgia, intimacy.

Pop art is suitable for emotional and energetic nature. This style features expressive, bright, contrasting details. Ordinary images and objects are played as works of art. Minimalism is an interior for ascetic and radicalized people, excluding all excesses that are not a first necessity. This style is distinguished by the minimum of things and the complete lack of decor.

Neoclassical (Neoclassicism) combines the basis of minimalism and complements it with classical components. It’s a more simplistic classic. Postmodernism is modernism perfected with modern details. Country combines practicality and convenience, this style is chosen by people who appreciate warmth, appeasement and soulfulness, village life.

Vintage or retro style is suitable for lovers of vintage. Particularly interesting looks the interior in this style, made in light purple or lilac color, – it gives the atmosphere of mystery and detachment from the hustle of life.

Brutalism as well as non-ruthalism is a rebellious style with deliberately ostentatious imperfection, rough details and objects of unexpected form. Such an interior is particularly suitable for nonconformists. Kitsch (kich) is another protest style of interior, which belies, denies already established traditions and in which the incongruity is combined. For this style, it is typical to use mutually exclusive styles, color disharmony, as well as the presence of a wide variety in the interior.

There is either poverty or excessive luxury in kitsch. It is the self-expression of peculiar natures that do not recognize authority.

High-tech is a popular style, using the most modern technologies and materials of decoration and finishing, the most functional furniture. Eclecticism combines details of different directions and styles. Ethnic style can use the traditions of different peoples of the world. The manga style is popular for the nursery. It combines elements of animation with European traditional components.

How to choose an interior design

option To choose a suitable interior design option, analyze your lifestyle. For example, if you have pets in your house, it is not desirable to use the white design in the setting. High-tech style with an abundance of sharp corners, glass furniture is not worth using families with young children.

To date, there are no rigid frames and restrictions in the interiors. To create individuality in the apartment can be used techniques of different styles.

By eliminating options that do not suit you in terms of practicality, you can further navigate your wishes, tastes and preferences. Your dwelling should be furnished so that you are comfortable in it. Therefore, it is better to focus not so much on the fashion and opinions of your friends and acquaintances, but on what you like.

For example, if you like brightness, expression, epatage, pay attention to the interior styles corresponding to your tastes: pop art, eclecticism or kitsch. If you dream of luxury, wealth, you can prefer classic style. Those fascinated by the bohemian lifestyle can think of an art deco setting.

The interior of the apartment design can be made in a single style, but it is possible to design each room in its own way. Mixing different styles may be necessary when a family that consists of different generations lives in one apartment. Each member of a large family has his own tastes and ideas about the most appropriate setting of the dwelling.

If your family consists of several people, consult everyone and find a solution that will suit each of them. This is especially true of the design of the rooms where you spend time together – the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, which should be comfortable for all family members.

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