Dahlia: low cultivars for growing in flower pots

Often, low-breasted dahlias are referred to as curbs, but this term, refers only to plants ranging in height from 50 cm. And the average height of low georgin is 30-50 cm. It is convenient to grow such dahlias in a room, in pots.


It is

customary to plant along the tracks on the kerbs in a single strip. The most lush, 50 to 70 cm tall, carefully dotted with flowers. Varieties from the famous “Melody” series after planting in a pot in late May bloom simply fine flowers, each up to 12 centimeters in diameter. Their varieties are simply surprisingly many. And these varieties have differences not only in the structure of the bud, which happens with one row of petals, and sometimes terry/semi-terry or collared, but also in many natural flowers. And sometimes these colors are even more beautifully combined.

Dwarf curbs These are

smaller than 30 to 40 centimeters tall. The most popular variety series is “Geleri”, it includes seventeen varieties. Can please its owner with flowering from June to October annually.

Dwarf potted These dahlias

are well planted in containers. In height they are even smaller than the previous 25 to 30 cm variant. Among the newest varieties are “Little Tiger” and “Tompix”. They are grown exclusively with seeds.

Time and planting conditions

Small flowers have a lot of very diverse shapes — from single row to terry and collared. They blossom plentifully and for a long time. Dahlias do not have to look after too much, for example, garter, pinch, stepson or pansy. The smaller the height of the dahlia, the earlier its flowering begins.

In order for the sprout not to be spoiled, it is necessary to correctly calculate the landing time For example, when pots are in an apartment or on a warm balcony, planting starts at the end of March — early April. If the plans to take to the air, it makes sense to wait until May, when even at night the temperature will be high enough.

The following must be remembered:

– Potted dahlias begin to flower within 40-50 days after planting;

– if pots in a warm room with plenty of light, the dahlias will bloom faster — after 30-35 days, after planting you can put fluorescent lamps at the level of 20 cm from the ground.

– when pots are in open space, flowers are planted at an air temperature of more than 15 degrees;

– when flowers are planted at the beginning of March, the shoots should also be illuminated.

It is important to Georginam good soil, soil with large grains. You can buy already finished mixture, or prepare it yourself. Not only coarse graininess is important, but also soil leavening, peat and sand are usually added to it. To make the air better pass to the roots. It is also recommended to add perlite, the pellets of which eliminate the lack of moisture in the soil.

Pot selection

Capacity size – it should be enough to properly germinate roots. Low dahlias, which we first and foremost consider, it is enough to plant in a capacity of 5-6 liters, dahlias of average size in a capacity of 8 liters.

In the pot you need not forget to remove holes. Because a large amount of moisture for dahlia is extremely dangerous. When the water stands in the pot for too long, the roots may die due to lack of oxygen. Oh, so it’s necessary to have water flowing through the holes. And there should be many holes — if it is only one thing yet, you need to remove additional ones.

If you choose a pot of clay, it needs to be washed very well, no matter the new one, or has already been used. First wash with soap, then treat with manganese solution. In addition, fungi, eggs from insects, harmful bacteria, clusters of salts, and so on can be preserved.

Many varieties of dahliogin are found with seeds. But sometimes it is chosen to fit from the tuber, then the tuber needs to be properly prepared – remove withered elements of roots and damaged places, cut carefully smear green and make the roots shorter to they are not intertwined.

Important! These flowers do not tolerate transplants, you need to immediately plant them in pots for permanent growth.

The correct sequence of planting dahlia in the pot is as follows:

Pour the drainage layer, for example gravel: when the pot is filled, then a lot of attention needs to be paid to the drainage layer. Its height should be approximately 10 cm.

Important! Drainage holes do not need to be laid in order for the water to flow successfully.

Add a little soil, moisturize a little. Plant the tuber with an eye up, not approaching it to the wall of the pot more than 5 cm, then gently pour the soil on it so that the neck does not go too deep and trample the soil a little.

Until a sprout appears, keep the ground lightly hydrated. In the future, water warm, well-off water once a week and do not forget to loose the earth.


You can arrange dahlias both indoors and on the street; on covered balconies, on windowsills. Whichever place you choose, there should be such conditions: Sun lighting at least 6 hours a day, better than 8, and at the same time reliable wind protection.

Once the flowers have grown them can be used. Fertilizers are added once a month, but the use of nitrogen fertilizers should be avoided, they slow the growth of plants and negatively affect overall development.

To strengthen when planting a medium to high growth plant, a support of up to 1.2 meters is applied. It is inserted to the bottom in the frame and is better attached by wire to the walls, then it is necessary to tie the dahlia itself.


To prevent it is necessary to spray plants twice a month, preparations fungicide (from fungal diseases) or insecticide (from insects).

Important! If a pot of dahlias is placed on the street, it is necessary to observe that no anthill appears nearby, otherwise the plants may be infected with aphids.

Preparation for winter

At the end of October, the tubers are taken out of the pot, folded into a grid or crates to be ventilated and cleaned for storage in a dark place at a temperature of +6+8°C. So that tubers don’t dry them are filled with sawdust, sand.

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