Criteria for choosing color scheme in childrens room

Sooner or later parents face the need to carry out repairs in the nursery. The choice of color scheme in the room where the child spends most of the time is hardly the primary issue. Errors in the ornament of children are fraught with psychological discomfort for the baby. Coloristic gamut affects the emotional development of a child and the formation of an aesthetic taste. Caring parents planning to improve the premises for their offspring should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • avoid the predominance of dark colors in the interior (chess palette, blue and purple shades);
  • refrain from bright (saturated) tones that excite the unstrengthened child psyche (red), or cause apathy and indifference (dark – green);
  • refuse from an unnatural palette of paints (neon-salad or greyish-pink).

It is important to remember the above tips when choosing wall ornament. In their design, give preference to light and neutral shades. Calm tones will create in children’s atmosphere of serenity and appeasement. Emphasize the individuality of the room and its owner can use bright and interesting accessories in the interior. Recently it has become fashionable to paint the walls with multicolored wheels, thus dividing the space into functional areas. But for the designer there is an additional challenge – to decide on the style in which the room will be aged, to avoid the congestion of the colour scheme.

For boys

One of the most popular styles that parents choose for their children is marine. The main elements of the palette are blue, blue, white and red. Walls are desirable to make white, sleep areas are decorated in light azure tones, furniture to acquire blue color, and accessories to pick up red hue.

For girls

For the interior of the room, designed for the young lady, choose the style of Provence (by the name of the French hamlet, known all over the world for unique herbs). This format of decoration implies the use of pastel tones and the desire for natural light. The color range in wall decoration varies from cream to birch. Choose two tones darker than walls, and use bright accents in accessories. To complete the image of Provence in the interior, use flowers — purple, red or yellow. The rustic style will be appropriate in the interior of the girl’s room. Bright accents can be accentuated by adding floral prints.

By highlighting functional areas, don’t forget to listen to the psychologist’s opinion. It is beneficial to influence the mental activity of your child will be green tones, and it is better to rest in shades of blue. The red palette should be used in the sports corner, yellow – in the playing area. And orange ornament should prevail where the child is engaged in creativity. When implementing design ideas, it is also necessary to consider the character of the baby. Soothing colors (blue, gentle pink) are important, quiet and closed children will suit optimistic tones (green, yellow).

When implementing the design solution, take into account not only the child’s gender and age, but also his individual wishes.

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