Country style in the interior – rustic flavor and cozy

Features interior in a country style

The main feature of the interior in a country style is the creation of a cozy home environment, which is inherent in warm colors and simple forms. Country houses are usually decorated in the country style. However, similar design will look great in a regular city apartment. It will allow you to create an unparalleled atmosphere of home hearth.

Natural natural materials are used for the decoration of the room. This style features wooden beams and floors, creating a special atmosphere in the rooms. Walls can be trimmed with wood. In addition, the masonry of stones or its imitation looks very colorful.

The main element that specifies the overall style direction in the interior is furniture. Typically, it is simple furniture of rough shapes, made of wood — oak, cherry or alder. Its warm colors and simple shapes make the rooms unusually cosy.

There should be no chrome details in the country-style interior. Metal elements can be made of brass or artificially aged metal.

Forged elements perfectly complement the interior, giving it a special rustic flavor.

Interior decoration in the country style

The main emphasis in the design in the country style is on functionality, so all interior elements must be as simple and comfortable as possible. The lack of elegant details is entirely filled by the presence of a variety of elements, bringing comfort and warmth to the interior. These can be solid or plaid, bedspreads made in the furnace technique, small cushions on armchairs and sofas, as well as a variety of decor elements.

Since the style of country is characterized by simplicity, the decor should look as simple as possible. For example, paintings or photos in rough frames or simple vases of warm muted flowers can decorate any room, bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Simplicity is the highlight of this style. It allows you to create a warm and warm environment in the house.

Country is an example of the best traditions of classic village life, and it has no place for state-of-the-art solutions. Open wooden shelves with ceramic utensils are an integral part of kitchen design in the country style. The living room walls can be decorated with plates with ornament, and the country-style bedroom must necessarily feature a wide massive bed, a spacious wardrobe and dressers.

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