Choice of roof decking;

Features of Profnaslyl

, Profile or Metal Profile is the common name of the building material, which is profiled metal sheets. To protect against corrosion, they can be galvanized and covered with a special strong polymer composition on one or two sides. In addition to the protective function, it performs decorative as it is painted in different colors. Profiled sheets are made of strong steel of different thickness by cold rolled method. Galvanized pro decking, which does not have a polymer top layer, costs relatively cheaply. It is more commonly used as roofing for outbuildings, garages, manufacturing and storage buildings. The one that has a polymer coating looks great on the roofs of residential houses, including the most complex roof shape.

Galvanized coating has all types of pro decking. The thicker the zinc layer, the less sensitive the metal profile is to the aggressive effects of the external environment.

Both steel decking made of black metal without coating and metal profile are used as roofing coatings, $ made of aluminum or copper alloy, but it is best to use a special sheet for roofs, which is divided into several types. It happens: bent, rolled, perforated and with textured embossed. Sheets of roof decking, unlike the usual facade, have a so-called capillary groove along the edges, preventing raindrops and melt snow from flowing under them, thus providing, reliable moisture insulation.

The quality of the roofing profiled sheet should be such that when cutting the roofing grooves do not deform or bend, only so they will retain their functional purpose. By appearance or photo of samples laid out on the Internet, it is difficult to determine how high quality profiled decking produces a particular manufacturer, so when choosing should read reviews on specialized construction forums.

How to choose the roof decking

before buying the decking for the roof of your own house under construction, make the necessary calculations and determine the exact dimensions of all roof structures. Ideally, the length of sheets of metal profile should match the length of the stingray to fully cover it. If the sheets are shorter, it should be taken into account that they are laid down, so the useful and actual size of the sheets are different. With that in mind, determine how many sheets you will need to buy. The width of the decking, which has a trapezoidal shape profile, is 780 to 1200 meters, the profile of the standard rectangular shape can be cut by your order on sheets of any length so that it is conveniently put on the mesh of the crates.

When selecting the decking, check that it was made in compliance with GOST, which should be specified in technical documents. This material is more compliant with the requirements of building codes and will last you longer.

When selecting, pay attention to the height of the profile — the higher it is, the more rigidity the sheets will have, so the smaller the roof slabs, the more must be the height of the profile, which is also directly dependent on its thickness. Check the sheet for a bend, if the force is slight, the sheet should bend and then take its previous shape, but even with a great effort, it should not break, although it can bend.

For roofs, many types of metal profile are used, including those marked C – wall, but this profile does not have a capillary groove, so it is better to choose one whose mark is marked as H – carrier, its height must be at least 2 cm. This profile sheet will cost more, but ultimately economically more beneficial. An imported profile sheet marked RN-20 is suitable as a roofing coating, it also has capillary grooves that provide water flow from under the places where the sheets are laid. As a rule, the pitch of the cutter on which such roofing is laid should not be more than 80 cm.

In addition to purely technical parameters, aesthetic, such as the appearance and color of the polymer coating, are important. On external inspection, the surface of the sheets shall be smooth and smooth, without cracks, roughness and scratches. The choice of color depends on your taste preferences and how harmoniously it fits into the overall architectural and landscape solutions used on your land. The most high-quality and reliable coating is made of matted polyester, good durability indicators with the preservation of the original appearance in the coatings made of conventional polyester and plastisol.

As for cost, the most expensive will be profiled sheets that have a large thickness and protective coating made of polymers. In the case, when you can buy professional flooring from the manufacturer, the roof will cost you cheaper even because you will immediately cut the sheets of the right size and you will not have to dock them in the first place. In addition, the manufacturer will be able to order a coating of any color, picking it up to the exterior of your house.

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