Choice of electric tile

Features of Electric Tile Cutter

Electric Tile – the best device for processing ceramic tiles, unlike manual tile, it does not leave sharp edges, and gently circles them. With it, you can give a tile almost any shape, that is, to create curly elements from rectangular tiles. Electric tile cutter allows you to cut pieces of tiles of minimum size. The strongest diamond disc can cut not only tiles, but also porcelain granite, without much effort on your part.

The design of the electric tile cutter necessarily has a table with guides on which the work takes place, a diamond cutting disc mounted on an electric unit at different angles , water cooling that not only reduces the temperature of the disc during operation, but also absorbs the ceramic dust that occurs during operation.

When working on an electric tile, no more than a minute of time is spent on a single tile, it allows you to process very large volumes of materials in shortest term.

Choosing for working conditions

First of all, the choice of tiles depends on what material you are going to handle. The more powerful the electric unit, the more durable tile it will be able to cut, and the larger volumes you will be able to process.

When choosing the tile, make sure that its dimensions are suitable for you. There are compact products on which you can handle only tiles of standard sizes, there are also large installations that allow you to cut meters of stones.

Make sure that the tile is made of high-quality materials, after installation it should stand firmly and not stagger when working. During operation, the entire design of the device is subjected to a lot of loads, and the substandard assembly will quickly make it known.

You can buy both stationary and portable tiles, at the first it is more convenient to work, they are more powerful, but their installation takes a long time.

The main part of the tile is a diamond disc, its quality and strength depend on the cutting ability of your tile cut. A good diamond disc will cut almost effortlessly on your part, bad not only will require heavy pressure, but will spoil the material, leave chipped.

Make sure you easily find spare parts for your tile bar.

This may not be obvious to an inexperienced tile cutter, but during cutting it is often necessary to change the angle of the cutting tool, you will see it for yourself when working, so it is necessary to choose such a tile bar, in which it is convenient and easy to change the angle of inclination.

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