Childrens room design – away stereotypes: fantasizing and experimenting

Factors influencing the arrangement of the children’s room are very, very many. It’s both the number of children in the family and the number of rooms as well as the financial capacity of the parents In any case, there are 4 basic principles that need to be followed when creating a children’s room – both standard and unusual. The list includes:
– practicality;
– functionality;
– originality;
– external appeal.

By observing all these criteria you will be able to make a beautiful and unusual nursery, from which your child simply does not want to leave.

Where to start the registration of children

First of all, be sure to consult with the child that he would like to have in his room. Watch him, his hobbies, hobbies, favorite cartoons and broadcasts. This will help lay down a more holistic picture and give you the opportunity to develop the perfect concept.

Naturally, all ideas for designing children directly depend on what sex your child has. After all, boys for the most part need pirates, robots and other heroes. Girls gravitate to dolls, pink horses, etc. The problem can arise if you have two children, and the baby one, and not very big. However, everything is solvable. The main thing is to plug fantasy.

The next step is the preparation of estimates and the selection of materials. The estimate will help you understand what you can count on and whether you will have enough money for a bed in the form of a car for 40 thousand and luminating wallpaper. If so, excellent – you can safely proceed to fulfill your plans. If not, consider the option easier, but not less interesting. It is also advisable to search on the Internet what and where you can order cheaper. Remember that the repair of the nursery is in any case a very costly activity.

When selecting materials, consider that they should be as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. After all, the kids are harmful aluminum designs. Better pay more attention to wooden details.

After you like finance, you can start creating a design project for your child’s future nursery. And here different variations are already possible.

Ideas of the original children’s room for boys

Among the most original ideas of the children’s room are a pirate cave with a bed-ship sticking out on small height from the wall. Naturally, such a childish is quite difficult to perform. But there is no limit to parents’ ability when they want to please their toddlers. For the

children’s room to be comfortable and at the same time interesting, it is necessary to divide the space in it very clearly. After all, even the most interesting idea, is able to kill an office desk standing in a corner that reminds of the need to do lessons. First of all, determine the place for the bed and its view. It can be a transformer bed that easily turns into a large toy or part of a wall (if the design allows you to hide a bed into a wall). Alternatively, the bed may represent an attic. But not usual in dull color and without any designer pieces, but having arched like waves walls, or placed semi-circle on top of shelves. There can be a mass of ideas. The main thing is that such details do not prevent the child from sleeping comfortably. Otherwise, your fantasy is not limited.

As for shelves and various racks, it is very important for children to have a lot of them. Because here you can hide your magazines, stickers, small toys, etc. Parents abundance of drawers will also serve their good benefit. Especially if these drawers are roomy. They can easily hide toys, things. With such elements, the order in children is much easier to maintain. And it is not necessary that all these boxes be traditionally rectangular. By their design they can be convex, uneven, drawn inwards, etc. But just remember that they shouldn’t be knocked out of the overall concept of the room. If it’s a pirate cave, everything is done in the form of boulders, waves, etc. If you’re at a spaceport, cabinets must necessarily fit the space theme, etc.

If you have two children in the same room, then experts recommend delineating both the toy boxes and the shelves in the closet with certain colors. It will be easier for children to navigate and they will always know where their stuff lies.

Anyway, at whatever age your child is, you should take care of organizing a work zone. It generally includes a desk, shelves for books, a nice kindly chair. It’s not necessary to make them trite. On the contrary, it is better to also incorporate them into the overall concept of Okay, the kid will be much more interesting. Remember only that the work area needs to be placed closer to the natural light source – to the window or balcony. And, of course, don’t forget the additional lighting. Modern manufacturers today offer a huge number of fixtures that will be perfect for any room.

It is easiest to turn around in the game part of the room. Here everything is allowed by professionals as the soul wishes. For example, if it’s pirates – put treasure boxes on the corners. You can even discover them on purpose, creating the illusion of unfunny riches. If it’s a rocket do everything as it might be in the flight control center – hang out the cards, stick luminising stars on the ceiling, etc. If your child is passionate about racing, do in the zone rest pit stop. Buy a special carpet with a track drawn on it, order puffs or pillows in the form of used car rubber, put drawers and turn them into refueling areas. Play in such a room is one fun! And how much space for creativity opens up. The Swedish slide (if, of course, allows space) is perfectly fit in such variants of the children. It is also worth formalizing in the general concept of the room. Do

not forget about the thematic decoration of walls – posters, posters, etc. All this will help to create a whole image of children. Posters let your child choose himself – so more likely you won’t make a mistake. As for the colors in which children are painted, they in any case, even if it is blue, must be very bright.

Ideas of decorating rooms for girls

Girls have slightly different requests. They tend to be more beckoned by delicate shades – beige, pink, yellow, lettuce, etc. The original can be a plush children – where all the materials will be soft, tender and pleasant to the touch. Very often, a detail such as a canopy is used to decorate a girl’s bed.

Little fashionistas can completely recreate the princess’s room – put a personal hold with a chair or stool and cosmetics, place a delicate color and shape shelf for books and small toys, Use rounded or wave-shaped mats on the floor.

Statuettes, lamps and other details will not be superfluous, as they are very important for girls. And every thing must have its own place. The wall can be easily decorated with various decorative letters – both voluminous and flat. Put out of them the daughter’s name, or abstract concepts, like love, happiness, beauty, etc. To look such an exposition will be completely feminine, and the girl will surely like it.

In the girl’s room, it is not necessary to make all clear geometric shapes. She can also stand a convex chest of drawers or use a non-standard bed in the form of a carriage. In any case, everything has to obey only one rule – to be very gentle and feminine.

Of course, if your girl dreams of becoming in the future Einstein and various girly follies is not keen, it is worth creating her childish according to the hobbies, such as a chemical laboratory.$

A very interesting detail in the design of the baby for the girl will be a hanging hammock. It’s so great to swing into a hug with your beloved bear. It does not occupy a lot of space, it is easy enough to clean, and in care unpretentious. But happy minutes will give the baby a lot.

If you are not sure that you clearly understand what your child’s room should be, try to view photos of options that are freely available on the Internet. Perhaps some design will like you so much that you will decide to bring it to life immediately.

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