How to hang blinds on window




installation of blinds does not take long, but it will be necessary to observe certain details and take into account some nuances. Installation you can perform in three ways: on each window sash individually, in the window opening, lining. Variants depend on the specifics of the design and window openings.


Horizontal, vertical and roll shutters have a common mounting pattern. First, take measurements based on the selected method. To ensure that the shutters installed in the window opening do not touch the windowsill and the sides of the opening itself, on each side, at the measurement of 2 cm. When mounting, add 5 cm on each side.


When placing blinds on the window sash, the base will be the exact dimensions of the sash. Next, place the mounts, respecting the principle of symmetry. Attach the brackets to the marked plane, click the cornice. Make sure that the mounted mounts do not interfere with the operation of the shutter and rotary mechanisms of the windows. On the control cord side, install one additional mount. Fix all fasteners on the wall or ceiling with dowels and screws.


After mounting mounts, hang the cornice, attach the lamellas and sliders to it. To do this, connect the lower sinkers on the outside and inside sides. Check the operation of the blinds by the control mechanism.


On plastic windows to install blinds is much more difficult. Special neatness and precision, as well as tool skills are required. Therefore, it is better to entrust this job to professionals.

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