How to choose material for storm

Buying material for curtains

Before going to the store for ready curtains or cloth for them, you need to decide what to buy. If you have not previously had business with window decoration, you can easily “get lost” in curtains models or fabric names, mix tapestry with lambreken or, without seeing the difference, buy instead of Roman curtains Austrian.

You need to know which fabrics can be used in the selected curtains model and which are not. It is necessary to properly consider what will decorate your room, and what will bring disharmony to the house.

Suitable material for curtains

For example, hard and harsh fabrics are able to give the apartment a strict look. Such fabrics include unpainted dense linen, stump canvases, which are now popular. You can safely dilute these materials with fine organza and flowing silk, then you will turn out a romantic, light and exquisite composition.

Plush, velvet or taffeta – these materials are suitable for creating fashionable details, they can perfectly decorate any window. They can be combined with light transparent matter, such as tulle. Velvet curtains are suitable for bedroom or living room.

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