Floor covering: carpet or carpet?


merits and disadvantages of Carpet

Carpet is not only beautiful, but also mobile coverage. It is placed on the floor as it is more convenient to residents (carpets can be of different lengths – meter, 2-meter, etc.). With wet floor cleaning, the carpet can easily be rolled into a tube. Similarly, it can easily be rolled up and taken outside in winter to clean in the snow. This method is still very popular in Russia, especially with residents of small towns and villages.

With the help of the carpet, you can easily create or emphasize the interior style of the room

Designers believe there is little to compare with carpet in this respect.

In addition, carpets have good thermal and sound insulation qualities. Very good carpet for young children. Especially if it’s comparatively small in size, a fluffy mat with long lint. Toddlers are happy to play on it, they are warm and cozy.

The disadvantages of carpets include, first of all, a relatively high price even for machine production and with a high percentage of synthetics. If it is a manual carpet made of pure wool, the price will rise many times. Also, carpets (even with synthetics) are poorly resistant to mechanical damage. On them over time remain dents from the legs of furniture. Carpets made of natural material can cause allergies. The

merits and disadvantages of carpet

carpet, unlike carpet, is not mobile flooring. It is laid on the entire surface of the floor, from wall to wall, that is, the whole width of the room. That’s his main advantage over the carpet. Due to the fact that the carpet covers the entire floor, it provides good soundproofing of the room. If before carpet decking cover the floor with thin polyurethane or polyethylene foam film, soundproofing will be even better. When using this carpet substrate can be placed directly on concrete.

In addition, this coating makes life easier for pet owners, especially with long wool. It’s enough to vacuum the carpet every few days.

Carpet is much cheaper than carpet, so a wider category of potential buyers is available. Also, it is much more dense, therefore wear-resistant. This flooring is sometimes called office, as very often carpet covers the floor of office space.

What are the drawbacks of the carpet? Compared to carpet, it’s harder to clean. It looks generally less aesthetically. And children to play on a tight and hard covering is not comfortable and comfortable, although now you can buy carpet with long lint.

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