Building Glass: Types and Technologies of Creation

For different purposes, different types of glass with some advanced characteristics are developed.
Main types of building glass:
– laminated glass (triplex);
– reinforced glass;
– tempered glass.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is a complex of two or three sheets of glass connected together by a special film or adhesive composition, which is significantly increases glass safety for others. Mechanically, such glass does not become more durable, but when this type of glass is broken, the shards are not dissipated, but are held in a frame or doorway by film. In addition, laminated glass is characterized by increased noise insulation.

Triplexes are widely used in the automotive industry, as well as in the construction of modern buildings made of “glass and concrete”.

Reinforced glass

Reinforced glass – most often used in production, produced in the form of a sheet unbent canvas. It is a high-strength type of glass reinforced from the inside with a metal mesh frame.

When made, a metal mesh is placed in the middle of the sheet. The most common use of welded steel mesh, a mesh with additional aluminum coating is often used to improve the quality of glass.

Thanks to its reinforced base, this glass is able to withstand significant mechanical loads, in addition, in case of damage the shards are fixed in the frame and minimize possible damage surrounding.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass that has undergone special heat treatment. Glass is brought to melting point, followed by rapid air cooling. As a result of this impact, glass acquires special properties, including increased strength, resistance to mechanical influences. Tempered glass is not afraid of time, it does not mutter and does not lose transparency.

When tempered glass is broken, shards of glass are so shallow that they pose much less danger to those around them than shards of ordinary glass.

Tempered glass is used in interiors, in the manufacture of office furniture, rarely – in glass partitions.

Changing the physical characteristics of glass in the production of building glasses allows to preserve all the positive properties of glass, minimizing weak sides, such as insufficient strength, mechanical stress resistance, high level of danger in destruction.

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