Bedroom wardrobe: choice and installation

Choice of wardrobe for the bedroom

First of all, you should decide on the size of the wardrobe. You need to decide where you want to put it, and then use a centimeter tape to make the necessary measurements. In addition, you must choose the most suitable design. Distinguish between enclosures (full-prefabricated), corner and built-in cabinets. The housing models have: sliding door, rear and side walls, ceiling, floor. The main advantage is that they can be moved from place to place if necessary.

Corner cabinets allow you to engage unused corner space. They are both ergonomic and roomy at the same time. But the most popular kind of cabinets are built-in models. Due to the fact that they significantly contribute to the saving of free space, they can be installed almost anywhere in the bedroom. However, built-in models have a disadvantage: they cannot be moved from place to place.

In small bedrooms, it is better to install built-in or corner cabinets, which feature compact dimensions.

It is necessary to think through the internal design of the wardrobe. For example, you need to determine how many shelves, sections, drawers and how to position them better. Do not forget about the material from which the future item of the interior of your bedroom should be made. Furniture structures for bedrooms can have wood trim and lamination. There are also variants of cabinets with natural materials — rattan, veneer.

It is desirable that the cabinet fits in color to the rest of the furniture. This will create a sense of unified style in the interior of the room. The ideal option is if you can buy a set of products at once: both wardrobe, chest of drawers, and bed made of the same material. In some cases, however, deliberate creation of a disjointed effect is allowed. For example, this applies to avant-garde and eclectic styles.

Typically, light and muted shades are chosen for the sleeping room, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The light color of the furniture visually expands the space. Beige, white, sandy, pinkish and other delicate shades allow you to bring freshness to the interior.

Additional recommendations when choosing a wardrobe

for bedrooms are a great option for wardrobes with fully mirrored doors. It is convenient in that you will have a full-length mirror, as well as that visually increases the space of the room. Today it is fashionable to decorate mirror doors of cabinets with different images and drawings.

A special atmosphere of comfort and celebration will allow you to create a lighting system for cabinets.

If mirror doors cannot be installed, you can choose the color of the cabinet-coupe cladding in the tone of the room walls. In this case, it will become almost invisible, and therefore it will not give the impression of bulkiness in a small room. The bedroom should be quiet and quiet, which means that all the hardware of the cabinet should work silently. That point needs to be considered, too.

Installation of a wardrobe in the bedroom wardrobe-compartment

is more convenient not to buy ready, but to order. Furniture companies that make custom-made cabinets provide their customers with the services of a freezer-designer. It will clarify the size of the bedroom, its layout, nature and the number of things you expect to store in a closet, offer various options for its location indoors. Also the designer will discuss with you the desired appearance and design of this interior item and other nuances.

In some furniture companies, the cost of measurement, designer advice, assembly and installation is already included in the price of the product. You may need to pay extra for shipping, as well as for lifting the furniture structure to your floor.

If you want to install the wardrobe in the bedroom yourself, you will need patience, free time, as well as the following tools:
– screwdriver;
– pencil;
– roulette;
– level.

Start assembling the structure by setting the bottom. Bottom set the cabinet legs and secure them with screws. With a level, you need to control the correctness of all actions performed. Next, you need to attach the sidewall to the ceiling. Set the resulting U-shaped structure on the base and secure with the help of the affirmats.

After that, install the rear of the structure, followed by shelf corners, drawers and shelves. The door coupe should be installed in the very last design. Before this, you must align the outer edge of the aluminium guides and attach them to the top and bottom using screws.

Insert the doors one at a time: start in the upper aluminum guide and then in the lower guide – the lower part. Do exactly the same actions with the second door. Everything, your bedroom wardrobe is assembled.

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