Beautiful and unpretentious varieties of panicle hydrangea

Hydrangea panicle has many varieties. The most beautiful and unpretentious include “Limelight”, “Little Lime”, “Bobo”, “Diamond Rouge”, “Vanilla Frase”, “Sunday Frise”, “Pinky Winkie”, “Vims Red” and some others.

“ Limelight”

One of the most beloved varieties among flower growers, bred by Dutch breeders at the end of the last century. The main distinguishing feature of the species is extremely stout stems and shoots that easily withstand the weight of large pyramidal inflorescences up to 30 cm long. During the flowering period, the lush bushes do not require garter and the installation of supporting supports. Small leaves of dark green shade look very winningly against the background of large whitish lime inflorescences.

It is noteworthy that at the very beginning of the flowering flowers have a very delicate light green color, which later under the influence of ultraviolet almost completely burns out in the sun, becoming perfectly snow-white. With the onset of autumn, inflorescences change their coloration again. This time they are painted in delicate pink tones with barely noticeable mauve shades.

Diamond Rouge

This type of panicle hydrangea is a beautiful flowering leaf-fallen shrub about 1.5 m high. Large blizzard inflorescences in length can reach up to 40 cm. Snow-white buds eventually acquire delicate pink hues, which shift into more saturated crimson tones at the end of the vegetative period. The variety of panicle hydrangea “Diamond Rouge” is winter resistant, but in temperate-continental climates the ornamental shrub is better sheltered for winter.

“ Vanilla Frase”

Another bright representative designed for lovers of delicate pink flowers. The variety of panicle hydrangea “Vanilla frase” was bred by French breeders in the second half of the last century. The erect shrub possesses a moderately branched crown with dark green leaves of slightly elongated, oval shape. In general, the plant is unpretentious, but for lush flowering during the hot summer season, the high-flowering shrub needs very frequent and abundant watering.

“ Pinky Winky”

The original Belgian variety of panicle hydrangea “Pinky Winki” is widely known among flower growers its extremely bright and spectacular color. The fast-growing shrub has a rounded dense shape with large cone-shaped inflorescences that usually dissolve in the second half of summer. The inflorescences of white color gradually transition to delicate cream and pink tones.

Notably, the color scheme of all flower cones changes very smoothly from the top to the bottom. The plant tolerates negative temperatures up to -35°C and is also quite tolerant of severe air pollution, which makes it very attractive for planting on the territory of the city.

“ Vims Red”

This species of hydrangea differs from other members of the family in that it has relatively small stature. The plant grows predominantly in width, which creates a very interesting visual effect. Dark maroon shoots under the weight of large inflorescences sometimes begin to bend, whereby the appearance of the bush begins to take on globular shapes. The very first inflorescences in “Vims Red” are snow-white, but they turn pink over time, and closer to autumn acquire rich wine shades. Flowering begins in mid-summer and is accompanied by a very rich honey aroma.

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