Bamboo parket

Color of bamboo parquet

Natural color bamboo light yellow, but when heated you can get dark shades, down to dark amber. Coffee color is obtained when heating the source material without adding dye, it occurs because of the presence of sugar in the composition of bamboo.


When making flooring, bamboo is split into several parts and pressed. Each next layer is rotated at right angles, one bar includes up to 5 layers. Bamboo flooring is sold in the form of parquet board, piece and mosaic parquet.

Standard bamboo parquet is treated with matte or glossy lacquer in factory conditions and is fully ready for stacking. The lacquer coating is necessary to protect the material from fading under the influence of ultraviolet. Of course, walking on the varnished coating in street shoes, pressing with cigarette butts or testing on the strength of the feet of overall furniture should not be.


Bamboo parquet can be mounted in two ways: floating and glue. The adhesive method is the most popular, it and consider. First the base must be filled with self-leveling mixtures. The base of the surface must be clean and dry.

Stow the bamboo coating should start from the wall, which is located opposite the door, move towards the entrance. Mounted bamboo board on the glue for the parquet (there must be no water). Connection of slats is carried out by means of a special parquet hammer.

It should be noted that using piece parquet, you can independently carry out installation “herringbone” or “rhombus” and “square” – it looks very unusual.

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