Art Deco interior – a combination of luxury and refined beauty

Art Deco Stylistic Features

At the heart of art deco a combination of classical art, modernism and ethnic motifs with elements of primitive art. Usually, in the interior decorated in the art deco style, oriental motifs and elements of ancient art, which are very organically combined with the objects of art of the twentieth century.

Graphically clear interior lines, simple and noble materials: marble, bronze, glass; luxury elements: fountains, wrought iron grilles form bright and spectacular design.

The interior in the art deco style not only looks luxurious, it is actually quite and not cheap. One of the main features of the art deco design is its exclusivity. Things of mass production in such an interior are unacceptable. It uses antiques, vintage products, handmade products, design elements.

Apartment in the art deco style

Submit a little to this style of luxury and sophistication is unlikely to succeed. Art deco requires space, height, volume. Its monumental forms would be killed by small quadrature or low ceilings. Moreover, most often stylistic unity is achieved through multi-level complex lighting.

The harmony of space is often achieved by the unification of the premises: the kitchen becomes a dining room, moving into the recreation area. But that’s what no art-deco designer will ever allow himself to change, so the sanctity of the bedroom. The bedroom and boudoir are strictly intimate areas that open only to the dedicated ones. There is a very special atmosphere full of light translucent fabrics, soft upholstery and plenty of decorative elements.

The color scheme of the art deco interior can form in two directions: classic black and dark shades, and bright ethnic or oriental patterns.

Art Deco furniture can be elemental, simple in shape, belonging to the style in this case is emphasized by the materials of which it is manufactured. Also naturally in the stylistic solution fits furniture in ethnic or Oriental style.

Individual design elements seem incomparable: it would seem who would come to mind to connect African masks, Egyptian figurines, antique furniture and cubism elements in one space. At the same time, it is from these contradictory components in the competent organization of the space that arises a luxurious unique interior, allowing to move to the beginning of the 20th century, feel complicity with the high society of the time.

Art Deco life is a life of luxury, with a sense of constant celebration, where every detail of the surrounding space from the flooring to the ashtray on the table stands out from the grey mass habitual things.

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