Acrylic bath liner

Pros of acrylic liners

It’s no secret that repair work in the bathroom – a case of laborious and very costly. But living with a ragged, dirty and chapped capacity for taking water treatments is not too pleasant, and in some cases even unsafe for health. If, for any reason, dismantling an old cast iron bath is impossible, give it a second life by buying an acrylic liner. The

liner has all the advantages of acrylic baths. It has a smooth, smooth, comfortable surface for the skin and a beautiful color. Such a bath will always be warm, unlike cast iron. But the main plus installation liner is the lack of expensive and long repair work. You don’t have to change the tiles on the walls and the tiles on the floor. The liner is attached to a quick-drying mounting foam and in a couple of hours it is ready for operation. It is

possible to install the bath insert yourself, but it is better to use the services of specialists. Choose qualified craftsmen – their experience depends on how comfortable you will be with a new bathroom. Focus on customer feedback – so you certainly won’t make a mistake. Make sure the liner is selected exactly in size, otherwise when filling the bath it will vibrate and bend. It is important to carefully seal the place of the interface of the liner with the bathroom, otherwise water can penetrate into the floodwaters, provoking the appearance of the fungus.

Be sure to conclude an agreement on the installation of the liner. Then if defects are detected, you will be able to claim them free of charge.

Cons of acrylic Acrylic

liner notes have not only advantages, but also disadvantages – they must be taken into account before deciding on purchase. The new bath needs careful care. For acrylic to preserve whiteness, it must be washed regularly with special liquids and emulsions that do not contain abrasives, acid and lye. Fragile material must be protected from scratches and possible chipping.

If you plan to wash a dog in a new bath, put rubber mats on the bottom – they will keep the liner from scratching.

If the installation does not comply with the technology and the foam for the attachment is in waves, you can feel irregularities on the surface of the bath. In addition, due to the gap between surfaces during water intake, the liner can vibrate significantly, and over time and deform. Keep in mind that the new bath will be more noisy. To minimize these shortcomings, choose a liner perfectly matching the size of an old bath – it’s not worth saving on that.

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