10 ideas for interior decoration of living room

Bright classics β€” the number one idea

Classic does not go out of fashion, does not bother and always looks simple and tasteful. This is the main secret of interior decoration in classic style. To design the interior in a classic style, simply buy a beautiful standard set: armchairs with sofa, coffee table and TV wall. But if you think such a classic kit is boring, try to diversify the interior with the help of color. Extraordinary and very attractive will look the combination of sofa and armchairs of different colors. Leaving classic furniture, but correctly selecting the rest of the components in a light palette, you can make it so that your living room will look bright and weightless, unexpectedly but harmonious.

Hollywood Chic – Idea number two

With the help of noble black color in the interior of the living room you can combine completely different details, drawings, textures and ornaments. The eclectic background allows you to harmoniously fit contemporary art and vintage elements into one living room. To give the living room more chic, create a background design in a black and white and gold palette. The design of the living room on this principle will allow to include in the interior a wide variety of details, without violating the overall style.

Meditative style β€” Idea number three

Even the smallest living room can be decorated cute and refined. To do this, when thinking about the design, prefer light or pastel tones, floral ornaments and vintage textiles. Correctly arranging accents you can create a very meditative interior, which will be located to rest, smooth conversation and relaxation.

Corner of the East β€” idea number four

As cool, the hall cannot be imagined without upholstered furniture, which helps to create a special homely atmosphere of comfort. To make the interior especially homemade, try to experiment with furniture upholstery materials. And on the sofa you can create a small corner in the style of oriental boudoir. To do this, be sure to purchase soft plaids and colored pillows. Oriental style of the living room suggests a lot of textiles in the interior, so fabric can drape all the walls or individual areas, the main thing is that all the details are a single whole common interior.

Common space – Idea number five

Your apartment will look more visually if you combine the living room with the kitchen. Common space suggests a much greater variety of design ideas. Although, on the other hand, it is more difficult to make the common space in a single style, as it is necessary to take into account the functionality of the kitchen and the convenience of the recreation area, and it is not possible for everyone. Beginner designers should clearly divide the space into two zones and each design in a separate style.

Increasingly, there is a sofa corner in the design of living rooms. Use this trendy trend and you will get a guest room that will meet all functional and aesthetic needs.

Home hearth – Idea number five

Decorate the living room should be so that it can unite the whole family. And what can unite together better than a common hearth? Equip the living room with a modern electric or gas fireplace and you will see that the living room will be a favorite place for all β€œhome get-togethers.” A small artificial hearth will be a great highlight of the interior and a place for evening meetings.

Non-violent library β€” Idea number six

If you like books, you should have a large library. To have your favorite tomic with poems always be on hand, but books don’t clutter all the spare space, equip the living room so that the library will discreetly become part of the general interior. To do this, consider convenient racks and shelves. But the room should look spacious, be bright and comfortable.

Working corner – idea number seven

In addition, in the living room you can arrange holidays and get-togethers, if desired, it is here you can equip a small working corner. Today it becomes increasingly difficult to abstract and at home stop thinking about work, especially since the computer is almost always at hand. The living room is an ideal place to place a computer desk and at the same time divide the room into separate areas is not necessary. If the interior of your living room is ready, try carefully inscribing the workplace so that it unintentionally complements already available interior items.

Mixing styles – Idea number eight

In most cases, the design of any living room is based on traditional style with its straight lines and neutral color combinations. To create a unique interior, you will have to try and think through all the features of the design. From the wide variety of styles, choose the features you like most, and boldly bring them to life, decorating the interior as you look forward to. Undoubtedly, the effect will be simply staggering.

Modest and unique β€” idea number nine

If you decide to place a living room in the smallest room of the house, it doesn’t mean that the room should have a dull and simple design. Even the most modest and miniature living room can be turned into a comfortable sitting area with the help of non-standard design techniques. Show savvy and look for extraordinary techniques that will allow you to place everything you need in a limited space.

You can create a special atmosphere of comfort and comfort in the living room by means of proper lighting. Modern design lighting fixtures will fit perfectly into any interior.

Organicity of bright interior β€” idea number ten

One should not think that limited space is not created for design with an abundance of bright shades and ornaments. Correctly placing accents using reflective surfaces and harmoniously arranged furniture, in the design of the living room you can achieve organism and perfection.

Creating the interior of the living room should, first of all, strive to make a welcoming and welcoming room, which will fill the house with an atmosphere of comfort and celebration. The creation of the interior is a creative and interesting process, requiring the creators of non-standard thinking and bright imagination.

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