10 cool things you need at giving everyone

About the existence of some things designed to work in the garden, some owners of homestead plots don’t even guess. These devices are very simple, but at the same time can facilitate work, improve the appearance of the plot or make rest in the country better, comfortable. Many of them are not expensive at all.


seeding devices Some seeds

are so small that it is almost impossible to sow them uniformly. To solve the problem, vegetable gardeners often mix such planting material with sand. Special devices with a dispenser will help facilitate the sowing process. They can also be used for planting large seeds. You only need to adjust the dispenser to the desired size. On sale there are also devices on a long tube with a container at the top. They are very comfortable sowing seeds without bending over. Just poke the soil in the right places with a tube and turn the dispenser wheel.

Tapener and reusable rings for plants

With the help of tapener, you can quickly tie any plant to the support. This device is called a garden stapler. Its body is made of stainless steel and small plastic parts. In addition to the tapener itself, there are staples and tape, which are consumables. The device is very convenient to use for the garter of the vine. It can be applied to fix tomatoes or other vegetable crops to pegs. Tapener are able to replace special rings for plants. But in this case it will be necessary to fix the stems to the support manually.


pallets From

wooden building pallets, you can make very neat and cute mud. Vegetable crops grow on them in even rows. Weeds in this method of planting appear less frequently, and fruits and berries do not come into contact with the ground. On sale there are special plastic devices with vertical slots. They are lighter and look more aesthetic.

Compact pH meter for soil

Many gardeners try to determine the acidity of the soil by predominance on a site of certain weeds. But such a method is not accurate. Litmus strips or compact electronic pH meter are better suited for these purposes. This device is very helpful when growing crops that are very sensitive to soil acidity.


seed removal machine Cherry

kernels contain sinic acid, which is toxic to humans. Pitted jam gradually becomes harmful and even dangerous to health. 50 nuclei contains a lethal dose of sinic acid for humans. Gardeners necessarily need to have in stock a machine for removal of bones. With the help of such a device it is possible to process berries very quickly.

Shape for pouring paving curbs Ennobled

the homestead area can be paving paths, curbs. To pour them over, it’s not necessary to invite a crew of builders. It is enough to purchase cement and inexpensive form. With it, you can fill the tracks yourself. Curly shapes are in great demand.

Almost every gardener has

electric cutter

Secator. This fixture is simple and not very expensive. But in the process, the hands get very tired. It is better to purchase an electric cutter. For owners of large gardens and lovers of figurative tree cutting, such a thing will become truly indispensable.

Electric dryer for fruits and vegetables

Drying vegetables and fruits allows you to save them for winter. Each country house needs to purchase an electric dryer. This device greatly facilitates the process of processing apples, pears, plums. In it you can slug tomatoes, dry carrots. It consumes small amounts of electricity, making the billet process economical.

Garden “hands”

Rake grass, fallen leaves very convenient with the help of a very interesting device called “garden hands”. It is made of durable plastic. Both parts are provided with handles and barbs, to which the grass clings. Some models are made without prongs, but with special protrusions at the bottom.

Glowing Garden Stones

Decoration of garden paths may become glowing stones. They look very spectacular. But stones can perform more than just a decorative function. They can lay out areas around the perimeter that require special attention. Some gardeners thus denote small seedlings. By laying small trees with stones, the risk of accidentally damaging them is reduced.

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